SNOW EMERGENCY effective 12:00am Friday, February 24 through 12:00am Sunday, February 26, 2017. Parking will be restricted on all City streets for the duration of the snow emergency. Vehicles parked on City streets during the restricted parking hours may be ticketed and towed. More information can be found here.  

BUS SERVICE HAS BEEN SUSPENDED. Bus service has been cancelled on Friday 2/24 due to safety concerns. All fixed route and ZIPS paratransit service has been suspended. Bus service will resume on Saturday 2/25.

City of Rochester
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Department Contacts

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • City Attorney

    • Who do I contact to complain about the condition of my neighbor's property?

    • As a victim, is there someone in the Prosecutor's Office who can answer my questions?

    • How do I get a marriage certificate, passport, birth certificate, or driver's license renewal?

    • How do I get a residential parking permit?

    • How will I know when the offender gets out of jail or prison?

    • I am charged with a petty misdemeanor. Can I apply for a public defender?

    • I cannot afford to hire a lawyer. What are my options?

    • I cannot afford to pay a fine. What are my options?

    • I do not have an attorney. Can a lawyer from the City Attorney's office help me?

    • I received a ticket for driving after suspension/revocation/cancellation. My driver's license is now valid. What can I do about my ticket?

    • I received a traffic ticket. I'm concerned about my driving record, insurance costs, etc. How can I keep this ticket off of my record? Does the City offer some type of "safe driving class?"

    • I want to build a fence on my property. Do I need a permit and what are the requirements?

    • I want to talk to a prosecutor about my case. When can I do that?

    • What are my rights as a crime victim?

    • What are my rights concerning a boundary tree or a neighbor's property that encroaches onto my property?

    • What if I want to drop charges?

    • Who does the City Attorney's office represent?

    • Will I be able to meet with the Prosecutor?

    • Will I have to testify?

  • Emergency Management

    • Are churches safe in a tornado?

    • Are mobile homes safe in a tornado?

    • Can I choose to get alerts only in the day?

    • Can I sign-up for Rochester Alert without a computer?

    • Does a wireless emergency alert (WEA) know where I am? Is it tracking me?

    • Does it cost anything to receive emergency alerts?

    • How do I sign up for free emergency alerts?

    • How do I sign up?

    • How often will I receive WEA messages?

    • How will I receive alerts?

    • If a tornado appears when in a open area.

    • If I can't make or receive calls or text messages, will I still be able to get a WEA message?

    • If in a car or truck, safe places to be safe are few.

    • Is it easy to unsubscribe to Rochester Alert?

    • Is my mobile device WEA capable?

    • Is there a best place to be safe in an office?

    • Once tornado passes...

    • What are actions to take for a warning?

    • What are the signs of a tornado?

    • What are Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA)?

    • What does a WEA message look like?

    • What if I am in a big box store, or at the mall?

    • What if I am traveling? Do I get a WEA message if I'm visiting an area outside of where I live?

    • What is a warning? Is it serious?

    • What is a watch?

    • What is an advisory?

    • What is Rochester Alert?

    • What should be done during a watch?

    • What should I do when I get a WEA message on my smartphone?

    • What type of alerts will I receive?

    • Where is best place in my house?

    • Where is best place to shelter for tornadoes at school?

    • Why is this important to me?

    • Will a WEA message interrupt my phone call?

    • Will I be charged for WEA messages?

  • Parking

    • Can a service vehicle park at my home?

    • Can I get a permit for a caregiver to take care of a family member at my home?

    • Can I get a permit for a roommate?

    • Can I get a permit for my RV or Trailer?

    • Do I need a physical permit on vehicle?

    • Do visitors coming to my home need a permit?

    • How can I get a monthly parking pass for the City parking ramps?

    • How long can I park in a “Passenger Loading Zone”?

    • How long is my Residential Parking Permit good for?

    • How much do Residential Parking Permits cost?

    • How to establish a new parking area?

    • I got a parking ticket and there were no signs posted.

    • I have a disability and was issued a handicap placard for my car. How long can I park at the meters?

    • I parked in the 3rd Street Ramp and accidentally paid for the wrong parking spot. I received a parking ticket for not paying. Can I have my ticket dismissed?

    • I parked in the 3rd Street Ramp overnight and received a “Parking Ticket” from Lanier Parking and then I received a ticket from the City of Rochester Parking Control for not paying for my parking space

    • I was only in the clinic for a few minutes and when I returned I had a parking ticket. Can I have my ticket dismissed?

    • What are Residential Parking Permits?

    • What documents are needed to purchase a Residential Parking Permit?

    • What if I have a permit and sell my car?

    • When do I have to pay to park in a metered space?

    • Where do I report malfunctioning meters?

    • Who should I contact for questions about my parking citation?

    • Why are some metered areas posted No Parking for certain times?

  • Parks and Recreation

  • Public Works

    • Does somebody have to be killed before a traffic signal will be installed?

    • Examples of construction and sediment control

    • Examples of damaged signs

    • Examples of illegal dumping in waterways

    • Examples of storm water pond concerns

    • Examples of streambank erosion

    • When is a crosswalk unsafe?

    • When will a lower speed limit be posted on my street?

    • Why don't they put in more stop signs?

    • Why won't they put up "Children at Play" signs