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J6608 Rocky Creek Stream Stability Enhancement

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November 16


11 am on December 12


J60601  Four (4) Revise Signal Systems, along Civic Center Drive

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November 16 11 am on December 12 

 Request for Proposals: TMA TDM Software Web-based Multimodal Trip Planning and Matching Service

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November 17  4 pm on December 15 


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              An ordinance amending and re-enacting section 135.08 of the Rochester Code of Ordinances, relating to truck routes.  10/16/2017

An ordinance amending and reenacting sections 9, 10, and 11 of ordinance no. 4319 relating to indoor gun range regulations. (removing erroneous language that was mistakenly included in the ordinance originally)
This proposed ordinance will be given its first reading with a second reading requested at the same time on Nov. 20, 2017.

An ordinance amending and reenacting Sections 13.02, 13.03, and 13.05 of the Rochester Code of Ordinances, relating to the City's Code of Ethics as to the responsibilities of public office and persons covered by the disclosure form requirement.  11/6/2017
An ordinance amending a reenacting Clause C of Subdivision 1 and Clause B of Subdivision 2 of Section 115A.08 of the Rochester Code of Ordinances, relating to the ineligibility of an applicant for a massage therapy business license or a massage therapist license.   11/6/2017 
 An ordinance amending and reenacting Section 15.03 of the Home Rule Charter of the City of Rochester, relating to the election of board officers.   11/6/2017
 An ordinance amending and reenacting Sections 6.02, 6.03, 6.031 and 6.06 of the Home Rule Charter of the City of Rochester, relating to the Mayor's veto process and the process for adopting ordinances.  11/6/2017 
An ordinance amending and reenacting Ordinance No. 1466, relating to the designation of certain lands in the City of Rochester as part of the rural service district.    11/6/2017



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Hearings at the November 20, 2017 City Council Meeting (in the Council/Board Chambers at 151 4th Street SE)

To consider the imposition of service charges within the established Special Services District; all pursuant to and in conformity with applicable law, including Minnesota Statutes, Sections 428A.01 through 428A.11.

Hearing for Assessing unpaid special charges for Weed Removal, Rubbish Removal, Tree Removal, Impound Towing, and Sidewalk Replacement & Repair

Hearing for Assessing unpaid utility charges for Electric/Sewer/Water/Storm Water

Hearing for Certification for Collection with Taxes for Unpaid Administrative Citations for Weed Removal


Final Plat #R2017-033PLAT by Lowell Penz, to create 58 residential lots and one outlot on 17.28 acres, to be known as North Summit Second.  The site is located south of 65th Street NW, east of Shetland Drive NW, north of Somersby Court NW, and west of Freedom Lane NW.

Vacation petition #R2017-007VAC by Don Kendall to vacate a 5 foot utility easement. The easement is located on the south side of 19th Avenue NE along the eastern property line of 1065 19th Avenue NE.

Final Plat #R2017-032PLAT by Mark Carlson, to subdivide 492 acres (the entire IBM Campus) into 3 lots and 1 outlot, to be known as Rochester Business Park.  The site is located north of 26th Street NW, east of 40th Avenue NW, south of 41st Street NW, and west of Highway 52.


Other City hearings

The City Planning and Zoning Commission of the City of Rochester, Minnesota, will hold a public meeting in the Council/Board Chambers of the Government Center, 151 4th Street SE, Rochester, MN, on Wednesday, November 29, 2017, at 6:00 p.m. regarding:

Planning 2 Succeed: Rochester’s Comprehensive Plan Update. The proposed Plan identifies the community vision, core principles, and land use and transportation framework intended to guide future urban development. Goals, policies, and implementation strategies form the basis for Plan execution. A link to the proposed Plan is available on the News tab at  If you cannot attend this public hearing and wish to provide input, please submit commentary to

Conditional Use Permit #R2017-032CUP by Patrick Egan for an indoor gun range use in the B-4 zoning district. The site is located on the west side of Commercial Drive SW approximately 2000 feet south of 48th Street SW.

All interested persons are invited to attend or submit written comment.  If you have any questions, please contact the Rochester-Olmsted Planning Dept. at 507.328.7100.