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Landlord Public Safety Requirement

The Rochester City Ordinance 38.045, Subdivision 21, requires all landlords or their property managers to complete either a Landlord Public Safety Seminar or the Phase I of the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program.

Darrel Hildebrant with the Rochester Police Department offers the Landlord Public Safety Seminar each year in April.

If your property is not currently licensed, please come into our office at 2122 Campus Drive SE to complete an application and schedule a required inspection to ensure the property is safe for your tenants to occupy.


Rental Housing Inspection Reminder

The landlord or property manager must be present and escort the building inspector throughout the dwelling / building.

International Code Council (ICC) presents Building Codes 101

What are building codes? Why do we have them? Why can't we just build buildings however we want? These are some of the questions that this webinar set will help you to answer. The regulation of the way buildings are built in the United States is unique, compared to other industries and even other countries. It can be a mystery to those who have not yet actively participated in the process. The U-tube webinars below will try to provide the big picture, even for those who have no experience with building codes. 

Building Codes (Part I)

Building Codes (Part II) 

Does it need a permit? (PDF)

Minnesota Energy Resources Changes the Install of Gas Metering Equipment

On March 2014, the City of Rochester received a letter from the Minnesota Energy Resources company informing us of a change regarding the install of gas metering equipment for new residential and small commercial customers.
Effective immediately, Minnesota Energy will no longer provide installation inspections, testing, and/or authorization of the temporary use of gas for buildings under construction.  This prompted a change in the manner which the Building Safety Department authorizes the temporary use of fuel gas.  A letter and/or email was sent to inform contractors of this change and the proper procedures to follow moving forward in March of 2013.

Notice to Plumbing Contractors and Installers

In November of 2012 a new Minnesota Plumbing Code was adopted with many changes, some of the items worth special consideration are:
1. Macerating toilets systems are approved with limited use. (M.R.4515.2450)
2. Trough urinals have been removed from the code. (M.R.4715.1410 Subp 1)
3. Many changes on grease interceptors and sizing of this appliance. (M.R.4715.1105 Subp 1-8)
4. Bath tubs, whirlpool tubs, pedicure tubs, all require a temperature control device on all of these fixtures. (M.R.4715.1240 Subp 4)
5. Medical gas certification and licensure requirements. (MN Stat 326B.438)
6. Continuing education for all plumbing licenses. (M.R.4716.0205)                                  
7. Continuing education for backflow certification. (MN Stat 326B.437) New code books are available from the Minnesota Book Store, or you can go on line at for an online version.  

Information about the EPA's lead paint rule

If Minnesota contractors seek information about the new EPA rule for work on homes and other buildings with lead paint, contact the EPA directly directly at 1-800-621-8431 or online at

Visit the Minnesota Department of Health's Web site at for information about the Pre-Renovation Education (PRE) Program  and Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule.