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The commercial building permit application process begins with the submittal of the application and required documents to the Building Safety Department.  The process also includes review and approval of a Zoning Certificate by the Rochester-Olmsted Planning Department, and may involve reviews by other City and County departments.  (see Informational Brochures)

Commercial Building

This application is to be used for any type of building construction the involves commercial buildings (i.e. new buildings, additions, alterations, tenant finishes, reroofing, etc.)

Multi-Family Building

 This application is to be used for any type of building construction the involves multi-family building with 3 or more residential units (i.e. new buildings, additions, alterations, reroofing, etc.)

Residential Building

This application is to be used for any type of building construction the involves 1 and 2 family dwellings (i.e. new buildings, additions, alterations, basement finishes, decks, etc.)

Trade Permits

Trade permits are required when any new electrical, mechanical, or plumbing is added to a structure.
The following are the various trade permits available:

  1. Electrical Permit
  2. Mechnical Permit
  3. Plumbing Permit
  4. Gas Piping Permit 
  5. Fireplace Permit
  6. Hydronic Permit

Manufactured Home Park Permit

The manufactured home shall be installed by an installer licensed by the State of Minnesota.  The installation shall be in accordance with Minnesota Rules (M.R.) Chapter 1350 and the manufacturer's instructions.  Additional permits are required for the water, sewer, gas piping and electrical connections.  

Demolition Permit

A Demolition Permit is required for the demolition of part or all of a structure. At the issuance of the permit, a permit fee will be collected.



A Grading Permit is required before any excavation or fill can be done.


NOTES for sign permits:
1)   City Sign Contractor's License:  If you engage in the business of sign or outdoor advertising by erecting or maintaining signs within the city, you need to obtain a Sign Contractor's License from the City Clerk's Office, (507) 328-2900.
2)   Information Required:  Plans and data required for a sign permit are listed on the bottom of the first page of the Sign Permit Application form.  You may put all wall signage on the same building on one application.  Separate sign permits are required for each ground/pylon sign.
3)   A sign permit is not required if you are only replacing the sign faces.