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Victim Information


What can a Victim Witness Liaison do for you?

  • Explain the criminal justice system;
  • Act as a liaison between you and the prosecutors;
  • Provide updates on the status of a case and upcoming court dates, times, and locations;
  • Make referral for shelter, food, counseling, etc.
  • Answer questions regarding the arraignment, trial, and sentencing process;
  • Accompany you to court when you testify;
  • Assist with the restitution process;
  • Provide information on Victim's Compensation;
  • Help you write a victim impact statement;
  • Provide a safe, private area when you can wait before and after testifying;
  • Provide referral to other social service agencies that offer financial and supportive services;
  • Guide you through the protection order process

If any time you have questions about the case you are involved in, please contact our Victim Witness Liaison at 507-328-2113.  If possible, please have the case number available for quick reference.   CONVERSATIONS WITH OUR VICTIM WITNESS LIAISON AND/OR PROSECUTOR ARE NOT CONFIDENTIAL.  Information you share may be used in the criminal prosecution of the case.

 Request for Restitution:

What is restitution? 

Restitution is money an offender pays the victim of a crime for the victim's actual out-of-pocket expenses that accrued from the result of the crime.   

What can be covered by Restitution?

You may ask for restitution for expenses you have that are a direct result of the offense.  These may include, but are not limited to:  medical bills, counseling costs, transportation, lost wage, repair or replacement of stolen property and repair of replacement of damaged property.

How do I ask for restitution?

You must complete a Restitution Affidavit and provide it to the Rochester City Attorney's Office.  Please include the following if applicable:  receipts, written estimates, insurance claim form, or explanation for how you determine the costs.  Do not send your originals.    Please return the completed Affidavit to:  Victim Witness Liaison, 201 4th Street SE, Room 247, Rochester, MN 55904.      If you have questions about this process, please call 507-328-2113.  

Making a Victim Impact Statement:

While the criminal justice system cannot undo the damage done to crime victims, the Rochester City Attorney's Office is dedicated to providing information and assistance in order to minimize the unpleasant effects of a difficult situation.  Because a victim and witness participation is vital to pursuing any criminal matter, the Victim Witness Liaison and the Prosecutor's consider your input and opinions essential in bringing criminals to justice.