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Need to Know Who Your State Senator/Representative is?


Do you need to know who your state Senator or Representative is - or who your US Senator or Representative is? Click here for MN District Finder to locate your specific state and US representatives.


Need to Know Where to Vote or Which Ward/Precinct You Are In? 

Go to and you can:
  • register to vote online or by mail
  • find your polling place location (as well as finding out what ward/legislative district you're in)
  • check your voter registration to see if you are currently registered
  • get information on voting absentee

Polling Place Locations

For  a list of all the polling locations for those who reside within the Rochester city lilmits, click here.  Some polling places have changed since the last election. For information on what those changes were, click here. Please note:  You must vote at your assigned polling place. To find your assigned polling location, see below.
Do you want to know where to vote, or what ward, commissioner district or  legislative district you are in? 

City Wards 

Are you looking for what the city wards look like or for councilmember information? Click here for interactive ward maps. Click here for councilmember contact information.