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City Licenses

This is a listing of city licenses, linked to the ordinances that govern that particular license.  For an application form or for more information, please contact the City Clerk’s Office, 201 4th Street SE, Rochester MN  55904 (507) 328-2900.

Please note:  All licenses (except for Residential Permit Parking) need to be approved by the City Council. If you believe the online ordinance is not the most up-to-date copy, contact the City Clerk’s Office for the most recent copy.

All licenses need to be submitted at least 30 days in advance. 
Please note:  Special Event Applications need to be submitted no later than 60 days in advance of the event.  For large scale events involving 1000 or more participants, application needs to be submitted 90-120 days in advance.)

Ordinance (pdf) License Licensed Companies Download License Application (If there is no link, contact the City Clerk's office to get a copy by mail, email or fax)
Activities/Sound (now called Special Events)    
Banners   Download Application  
102 Bowling Centers   Download Application 
 106A  Breeding Permits   Download Application 
 94 Bus   Download Application 
106A  Cat Licenses   Obtaining Cat, Dog, Ferret Licenses 
113A Chickens   Download Application 
104 Circus   Download Application 


Dance (Annual)


Download Application 

Dance (Single)   Download Application
106A Dog Licenses   Obtaining Cat, Dog, Ferret Licenses 
81  Domestic Partnership Registration   Application
113B  Duck   Download Application 

Escort Services   Download Application 
106A Ferret Licenses   Obtaining Cat, Dog, Ferret Licenses 
117 Firework Sales    Download Application  
117A Fireworks Displays   Download Application  
  Food Cart (see Vending Cart)    
143A  Food Vending Vehicle   Download Application 
107 Gambling    
130A Golf Carts   Download Application 
53 Heating Contractors   Download Application 
143  Ice Cream Vending Vehicle   Download Application 
125B Liquor - Intoxicating On and Off-Sale, Club, Beer (On and Off-sale), Wine   Liquor License Policy Application Guidelines
115A Massage Therapists (individuals)    Download Application 
115A  Massage Therapy (business)   Download Application 
53 Master Installers   Download Application 
110 Motion Picture Shows   Download Application 
108 Moving Permits - Garages, Houses   Download Application  
  Non-Regulated Activities (picketing, bannering, demonstrating or protesting)   Download Application 
  Parades, Street Use and Miscellaneous Activities   (see Activites/Sound)
138A Parking - Residential Permit    
111A Pawn Brokers   Download Application 
Pedal Car
Pedal Car Driver

Download Pedal Car application

112 Peddlers   Download application Please note:  All applicants for Peddler permits must come in to our office and they need to bring the following items:
 - Two recent color photos for us to keep
 - Driver license or other form of picture ID so our we can take a copy of it for our records; also this will be needed as proof of ID so that we can notarize the application.
112 Peddler- Charitable and Religious Organizations   Download application 
113 Pigeon   Download Application 
105B Private Adult Dancer    
93 Public Transportation   Download Application 
73.11 Revocable sign permit (rummage sale, auctions, etc)    
114  Roller Skating Rinks    
76 Sewers & Drains (Asphalt/Cement) Licensed Companies  Download Application 
73B  Sidewalk Cafe (Outdoor Dining)   Download Application 
70 Sidewalks and Driveways Licensed Companies  Download Application
116  Sign Erector   Download Application 
Sound Amplification
(Now called Special Events)
Sound- 117
    Special Event
Please note: Special Event Applications need to be submitted no later than 60 days in advance of the event. For large scale events involving 1000 or more participants, application needs to be submitted 90-120 days in advance.
95A Taxicab   Download Application 
95A Taxi Drivers   Download Application
Section 62.937, Subd 17 of Land Development manual  Telecommunications    
118 Tree Trimmer   Download Application
73D  Vending Cart   Download Application 

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