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Garden Plots

**NOTICE about Essex Garden Plots**
Due to the impending construction of 55th Street through a portion of the Essex Park Property the garden plots will not be available for rent.  Staff is currently working with the County on this project and are also looking at options for providing temporary and/or permanent alternative garden plots on the northern part of the City.   We hope to have garden plots available for rent in 2015 for the northern portion of the City so please check back to our site and our facebook periodically for any updates.

The City has one site - Zumbro South Park - where people may rent garden plots. The plots measure 20' x 30' and rent for $30.00 each for the 2015 season. The garden plots will be available by May 1, depending on weather and soil conditions.

Reservations are taken at the Park and Recreation Department in person, by phone with Visa, Mastercard or Discover or by mailing in the fee after January 1st of each year.
Online^ reservations for garden plots will begin January 6th. Click here to: Register Online

^Online Note:  A garden plot is available only if there is a #1 after available spots.  The plot is already taken if there is a #0.  Do not add your name to a wait list.  Go back to browse for activities and find a plot that is available. 

Click on the links below to view maps of the garden plots or to see what is available* as of the date listed on each map.

*Map Note: No guarantee of availability after the date and time listed on each map.  This information is for reference only.

  1. Gardens should be kept clean and free of weeds. This includes any walks adjacent to or bordering other sections of the garden. Your walks and garden plots should be kept neat and tidy. Failure to maintain your garden plot after due warning will result in forfeiture of your gardening privileges. This also includes the dumping of any materials onto adjacent park property.
  2. Approximately one foot should be left for access paths.
  3. No structures will be allowed.
  4. No fertilizers, insecticides or herbicides will be used that will in any way detrimentally affect adjacent gardens or grass areas.
  5. No pets allowed in or around the gardens.
  6. You may only reserve a plot for one season and there is no guarantee that you will get the same plot next year. We try to accommodate but it is on a first come - first served basis.
  7. The garden plots will be available by May 1, depending on weather and soil conditions. DO NOT call before this time. You will be sent a notice of when the plots are available. After May 1 - call 328-2515 to inquire about plot readiness.
  8. At the end of each gardening season - October 15 - the grounds will be taken care of by the Park and Recreation Department. All crops must be harvested by this date or they will be destroyed. Please remove all non-compostable materials from the garden area by October 15.
  9. It is important that you always respect the rights of others and appreciate the fact that this land has been made available for your personal use.
  10. Please make every effort to follow these gardening guidelines. It will help ensure everyone will have a successful and enjoyable gardening experience.


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