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The First Tee of Rochester

Mission Statement: To impact the lives of young people by providing learning facilities and educational programs that promote character development and life enhancing values through the game of golf. 

  The First Tee’s Nine Core Values: 
Honesty     Integrity     Sportsmanship     Respect
Confidence     Responsibility     Perseverance
Courtesy     Judgment

Life Skills & Nine Healthy Habits
The First Tee Life Skills Experience promotes character development to enhance personal and social growth. Along with The Life Skills experience The First Tee also promotes healthy living through The Nine Healthy Habits, which are in three categories;
Physical Health
  • Play-regular physical activity
  •  Energy-proper diet and nutrition
  • Safety-safe practices and physical recovery
Emotional Health
  • Mind-emotional and psychological well being
  •  Family- contribute to healthy home
  • Vision-preparing for the future
Social Health
  • Friends-maintaining healthy relationships
  • School-obtaining knowledge
  • Community-participate in extended social opportunities

National School Program
  • The National School Program has been growing every year since 2004. It is in over 3,400 schools, 350 school districts across the country and has impacted more than 1.6 million elementary students. 
  • Program Focus: Safety, Character education, motor skill development and concept learning, developmental approach to teaching and learning, motor skills, and the Nine Core Values in each lesson.
  • The First Tee of Rochester has introduced the National School Program to the first school in the Rochester area in 2011, Lincoln Choice K-8. Over 300 kids have been exposed to this program. In 2013, NSP will reached out to thirteen schools in the Rochester area and exposed up to 4000 kids to the program.  Those schools are: Byron Elementary, Central Intermediate,Folwell, Lincoln Choice, Jefferson, Washington, St. Francis,St. Pius, St. Johns, Holy Spirit, Gage, John Adams and Bamber Valley.
  • New schools for 2015 are: Pinewood, Longfellow, and Riverside.

Target Outreach with The First Tee                                                                                                                       
Have fun with The First Tee Target Outreach Saturdays: May 9th, at Northern Hills, May 16th at Hadley Creeek, and May 23rd at Soldiers Field. Learn Golf through The First Tee, incorporating life enhancing values. Bring your family and your pals, between 1pm-3pm on these dates and see what The First Tee Rochester has to offer to you- through our FREE Target Outreach Saturdays.

Class Registration: Register In person, by mail or New ****Register Online**** (online registration ends one week prior to each class) Online registration begins Feb. 15th, 2015

  All participants new to The First Tee, regardless of golf skill must start with the PLAYer level. 
  •    PLAYer  Ages 7-17.
  •    Par I-Ages 8-17: must be PLAYer certified .
  •    Par II-Ages 11-17: must be Par I certified
  •    Birdie- Ages 11-17; must be Par certified.
  •    Eagle- Ages 14-17; must be Birdie certified.
Participant Cost
  • Individual - $50.00 per session,  (yearly max $100.00) Financial assistance is available, just inquire.
  • Family -(2 or more children)  (yearly max of $150.00 per family).
  • Wee Level -$25.00 

                                          2015 PLayer Level Sessions
Player1 Weekly sessions:
Session PL1   May 9th thru June 13th  Each Sat. 9-10:30  All Ages
Session PL2   May 11th thru June 22nd Mon. Eve. 6-7:30  All Ages
Session PL3   June 4th thru July 9th    Thur. Eve. 6-7:30  All Ages
Summer Sessions
Session PL4   June 8th  thru 11th      Player1   8-9:30     Ages 7-10
Session PL5   June 8th  thru 11th      Player1   10-11:30  Ages 11-15
Session PL6   June 15th thru 18th     Player1   8-9:30      All Ages
Session PL7   June 15th thru 18th     PLayer2  10-11:30   All Ages
Session PL8   June 29th thru July 2nd Player1  8-9:30      All ages
Session PL9   July 6th thru 9th         Player2    8-9:30     All Ages
Session PL10 July 6th thru 9th         Player1    1-2:30     All Ages(@soldiers field)
Session PL11 July 20th Thru 23rd     Player2    8-9:30     All Ages
Session PL12 Aug. 3rd thru 6th        Player2    8-9:30     All Ages 

                                                          2015 Par Level Sessions
Session PR1  June 8th thru 11th       Par1   12-1:30      All Ages
Session PR2  June 15th thru 18th     Par1    12-1:30     All Ages
Session PR3  June 22nd thru 25th     Par1    8-9:30      All Ages
Session PR4  June 22nd thru 25th     Par2    10-11:30   All Ages
Session PR5  June 29th thru July 2nd Par1 11:30-1:00  All Ages
Session PR6  July  6th thru 9th         Par2    10-11:30  All Ages
Session PR7  July 13th thru 16th       Par1    8-9:30     Ages 7-11
Session PR8  July 20th thru 23rd       Par1    10-11:30  All Ages
Session PR9  July 27th thru 30th       Par2    8-9:30     All Ages

                                   2015 Birdie Level Sessions
Session BR1 June 22nd thru 25th   12-2:00  Ages 12-17
Session BR2 july 20th thru 23rd     12-2:00  Ages 12-17
Session BR3 Aug. 3rd thru 6th       12-2:00  Ages 12-17
                                  2015 Wee-Tee Sessions (ages 5 and 6)
Wee-Tee1 June 29th thru July 2nd  10:00-11:00  @ Hadley Creek
Wee-Tee2 July 13th thru 16th         12:00-1:00    @ Soldiers Field

Additional Information
  • In case of inclement weather, we will schedule make up days on Fridays.
  • A limit of 24 particpants per session.
  • Schedules subject to change.
  • Testing from one level to the next will be held on Fridays.
  • Look for programs to begin at Willow Creek and Pine Island.

Information about The First Tee Rochester is available at the Park and Recreation Department office at 201 4th Street SE (City Hall) or after April 1st at Hadley Creek Golf Learning Center at 2427 Hadley Valley Road NE.Phone 507-529-4119  For more information contact W.W.(Watty) Watson: email

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2447 Hadley Valley Rd NE
Rochester, MN  55906

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