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201 4th Street SE
Room 150
Rochester, Mn 55904 (Map)

Phone: 507-328-2525
Fax: 507-328-2535

Mon-Fri 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

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2014/15 Basketball Season

Basketball Schedules are now available.
* For Playoff Schedules Please look at the updated schedule for your league.  The league standings page may not be 100% accurate (we are unable to adjust the tiebreaker the automated system uses.  Parks & Rec uses head-to-head matchups as our first tiebreaker instead of total points scored like the automated system defaults to).  Matchups on the schedule link should be used for your playoff game schedule. *
Updates during the season will be sent to the team manager's email address.  If you need to update your email please contact us: Ben - 507-328-2528 or Click Here for Email.  Updates will also be posted on our facebook page.  You can find us at

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