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Private roadways or streets developed as part of a subdivision, performance residential development, or integrated commercial, industrial, multifamily residential or institutional development, shall be of adequate width to serve anticipated traffic and proposed parking conditions, and shall be designed for the safe operation of vehicles on the roadway. The creator of any subdivision including private streets shall be required to notify property owners through deed restrictions and covenants that the City will not accept the dedication of any private street until it is brought into conformance with City street standards at the expense of property owners.  Such notice shall also be provided in deed restrictions or subdivision covenants.  Documents to assure private responsibility of future maintenance and repair shall be approved as to form and content by the City of Rochester. The developer shall install traffic signs at all intersections along any private roadway, according to the City of Rochester Traffic Sign and Roadway Name Standards.  The Developer or subsequent owners of the roadway are responsible for installation and maintenance, including replacement of the roadway name signs.  The width of a private roadway shall be determined pursuant to Section 64.231.

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