Proposed Changes to Route 19

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New alignment of Route 19 has been approved and will be in effect begining Feb. 5, 2018.

On Wednesday, Jan. 17, the Rochester City Council approved the realignment of Rochester Public Transit Route 19 effective Feb. 5, 2018. The new alignment of Route 19 extends service in the Kingsbury area, and makes service along 57 St NW, recently a detour due to construction, a permanent part of the route.

 Rochester Public Transit conducted a public input process which resulted in the recommendation brought before council. The public was invited to weigh in on whether to keep the detour as the permanent route, revert to the original, pre-detour route, or establish a hybrid of the two. RPT had a survey on its website for 30 days allowing people to comment there on which option they preferred. There were also instructions on how to contact RPT with comments without using the online survey. RPT also held a public meeting on November 13, 2017, to gather comments.