Integrated Transit Studies

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The DMC plan was not a blueprint but a concept for future development, it was based on a high-level assessment of conceptual needs and feasibility. The City of Rochester is conducting four integrated transit studies to refine the concepts identified in the DMC Plan, generate confidence in selected projects, and answer key questions that will allow the projects to advance to the design phase. Specifically, the integrated transit studies will:

  • Explore how the DMC concepts can be built within public right of way with minimal impact to adjacent private property
  • Determine the most cost-effective use of public dollars to realize the DMC’s transportation vision
  • Allow additional opportunity for public agencies, property owners, businesses and residents to participate in the development of alternatives to implement the DMC plan concepts
  • Lay the ground work to seek federal funding for some of these projects


In 2016, the Rochester City Council approved the funding to begin work on the four studies. Consultant teams for each study were selected and began work in earnest in fall of 2016. It was anticipated that the majority of the work would be accomplished in 2017. The work of consultants has provided an abundance of detailed analysis of various desirable options in each scenario which are now being reviewed and further evaluated in order to identify a final recommended package of feasible and cost effective transportation improvements to support the DMC Development Plan. As a result of the need to complete this final step of fusing the best elements of the various scenarios into a single recommended plan, the Integrated Transit Study work will continue into early 2018. The remaining public engagement opportunities planned as part of the project are expected to occur in early 2018. Click here to see the work-to-date by each of the studies and previous public engagement sessions.