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Rochester Public Utility (RPU) Responsibility

Power Outage

Phone 507-280-9191

Please use the RPU Contact Form or call 507-280-1500 or 800-778-3421 for these issues:

  • Watermain breaks
  • Street light maintenance
  • Electrical lines
  • Water service covers

Public Works

Main Office
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Phone:  507-328-2400

Parking Meters
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Phone: 507-328-2475

Real Estate and Development
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Phone: 507-328-2427

Sidewalk Snow Removal
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Phone:  507-328-2400

Sidewalk Maintenance (NOT sidewalk snow removal see link above)

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Stormwater Education
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Phone: 507-328-2440

As-Built Requests
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Phone: 507-328-2406

Water Reclamation Plant
Phone: 507-328-2650

Public Works Infrastructure Maintenance

Please contact the Department by phone for emergency issues such as stormwater and sanitary sewer backups, down stop and yield signs, and traffic signal outages based on working hours and contacts provided in the call list.  Please see our Call List more updated contacts for workday, after-hours, and weekend contacts.

Working Hours:

  Day Shift Second Shift      Third Shift 
       7:00am – 3:30pm    3:00pm – 11:00pm       11:00pm – 7:00am   


Main Contact:
Phone: 507-328-2450

Storm and Sanitary Sewer Backups
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Phone: 507-254-0319

Storm Sewer Maintenance
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Phone: 507-254-0319

Infrastructure Maintenance
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Phone: 507-328-2451

Snow Plowing
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Phone: 507-328-2451

Traffic Sign Maintenance
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Phone:  507-328-2462

Traffic Signal Maintenance
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Phone: 507-328-2470

*All Issues after Hours, Weekends and Holidays*

Phone: 507-254-7704 or 507-254-7705

Contacts for Issues Responded to by other Departments

Boulevard Trees
Park and Recreation - Forestry Division
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Phone:  507-328-2515 

Tall Grass and Weeds
Park and Recreation
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Phone:  507-328-2512