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Alternative Urban Areawide Review (A.U.A.R)

An AUAR is a type of environmental assessment used to assess potential cumulative environmental impacts from future urban development over a broad geographic area. The more traditional Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW) method focuses on smaller-scale, project-specific assessments. The AUAR process includes the preparation of a “Mitigation Plan” that identifies methods to avoid, minimize, or mitigate identified environmental impacts as future development takes place. 

Rochester completed its first AUAR in 2002 as part of the Marion Road Trunk Sanitary Sewer Project.  See the 2002 documents listed below.

The first AUAR update has been completed and is available below for review.  Citizens may provide written comments on this document until January 28, 2009; submit them by email to Barb Huberty or via mail to Barb Huberty, RPW, 201 4th Street SE, Room 108, Rochester, MN 55904.

Marion Road Trunk Sanitary Sewer Project - AUAR Documents

Final AUAR Update #1 (Modified September, 2009) Main Document & Appendix
Final AUAR Update #1 ( April, 2009)
Environmental Stewardship Opportunities (2002)
Final AUAR Mitigation Plan (2002)
Draft AUAR Mitigation Plan (2002)
Sewer Service District 16 AUAR Fact Sheet (2002)
Mation Town Board Intro AUAR Presentation (2002)