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Comprehensive Pavement Management Strategy

Executive Summary

The City of Rochester adopted a Comprehensive Pavement Management Strategy (CPMS) on July 21, 1997. The Strategy intends to provide an objective, cost effective program for the preservation, rehabilitation and reconstruction of the City's 325-mile street system.

Routine Maintenance

This category includes most normal maintenance activities such as crack filling or joint sealing, and localized patching.


This group includes surface treatments such as seal coats. Seal coats consist of applying an asphalt emulsion to an existing bituminous street and then applying an aggregate material on top of the emulsion. Seal coats help rejuvenate pavements that have become hard and brittle along with helping to provide a waterproof layer.


Strategies include bituminous edge mill and overlays, adding concrete curb and gutter and overlaying streets that do not have concrete curb and gutter, and a type of project that includes replacement of concrete curb and gutter followed by an overlay. All three of these projects provide the pavement with a structural improvement.


Street reconstruction consists of rebuilding a street. Water mains, sanitary sewers, and storm sewers are improved if necessary as a part of this type of project. Street reconstruction includes new aggregate base, concrete curb and gutter, pavement, driveway approaches, and boulevard sod.

The purpose of the Comprehensive Pavement Management Strategies are to optimize the useful life of a street by scheduling Routine Maintenance, Preservation, Rehabilitation, and Reconstruction activities at the appropriate times during the life of a street.