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Hair of the Dog Hair of the Dog

Wednesday, August 19, 2020 - 7:00 PM

125 Live
125 Elton Hills Dr NW
Rochester, Minnesota 55901


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Hair of the Dog | Car Park Concerts @ 125 Live | August 19 @ 7pm | FREE!
By Reservation Only | Reservations available August 13 at 507.328.2200

Facebook Live (to be posted 8/10)
YouTube Live (to be posted 8/10)

Hair of the Dog are a musical collective based out of Rochester Minnesota. Each band member brings their own distinct musical taste and background to the picture which results in a very organic, rootsy style that is hard to pinpoint by using any specific genre name. During any given performance, the audience can expect to hear a wide variety of covers and original music, ranging anywhere from rock and roll such as The Beatles, Neil Young, Buddy Holly and The White Stripes, to funky dance numbers from Prince and Bill Withers, folk and old country songs from Johnny Cash and John Prine as well as blues, bluegrass and many other styles. A local music reviewer described the band as “vintage rock.”

Riverside Concerts (the City of Rochester Music Department) presents a new seven-week series of FREE "Car Park Concerts", Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM, July 15th through August 26th, in the parking lot of the 125 Live community center. Presented in association with Think Bank, 125 Live, City of Rochester, Rochester Park & Rec, and the Rochester Rec Center. Concessions available through 125 Live. A freewill offering will be taken after the show as vehicles exit the event.

These events are "drive-in" style concert experiences where you watch the show from your vehicle, hear the music over your car stereo, while maintaining adherence to social distancing guidelines. The FM broadcast frequency will be announced at each show. While these events are free, attendance is by reservation only. Attendees must call the Riverside Concerts office (507.328.2200) one week prior to each scheduled event to request an email reservation for the show. Reservations will be distributed on a first-come first-served basis.

Safety Guidelines: 1) Do not arrive at the concert area any earlier than 30-minutes prior to the start time (any cars waiting to gain access will be asked to leave and come back)  2) Only vehicles displaying a valid reservation will be admitted to the event.  3) Each household should be in a separate car. 4) Carpooling does not comply with social distancing guidelines. 5) People with COVID-19 symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath, etc.) should not attend. 6) Attendees should remain in their cars. 7) No reserved spots. Parking attendants will direct your vehicle to an available space. 8) Cars will be parked with one empty space between them to maintain a minimum safe distance of 6 feet. 9) There should be no passing of objects or physical contact between vehicles. 10) Bathrooms facilities will not be provided for the public. 11) Alcoholic beverages are not permitted

All events will be live streamed on Riverside Concerts’ Facebook & YouTube pages.