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Rochester Parking Ordinance Updated to Assist in More Equitable Access

Post Date:10/12/2018 1:09 PM

In an effort to provide better and more equitable access to downtown businesses and amenities, an update to the City of Rochester’s parking ordinance has recently gone into effect.

To assist with this update, the City of Rochester will be providing one-time courtesy notices to those in violation of the ordinance via a printed warning, which will be placed on the vehicle’s windshield. This warning period will last through October 31, 2018. 

Downtown meters with a shorter time limit are designed for those who wish to shop, dine, or conduct business downtown for a brief time. Time limits create turnover which providesWarningv3 opportunity for more people to access street parking, an important factor for many downtown businesses who rely on customer traffic.

The revision is to sections of the parking ordinance relating to overtime parking violations—that is, parking beyond the time limit posted in limited time zones. While it has always been a violation to remain parked beyond posted time limits, parts of the overtime ordinance were less known and others in need of clarification.

A common misconception is that parkers can be in compliance with the parking rules by purchasing additional time on parking meters. But remaining parked past the time limit is a violation, regardless of whether or not the meter is expired. The new language clarifies how far a vehicle must be moved.

According to the ordinance, “Vehicles parked on the street, whether at a meter or other posted time-restricted area, are considered to have remained parked if “found parked on either side of the same street or road between two intersecting roads ... at any time within a four hour period.”

For example, after paying for a 90-minute session at a 90-minute meter you must move your car at least one block once that session has expired. If you remain parked within that block—even if you purchase additional time—you will be cited for overtime parking.

The city provides a limited number of 10-hour meters on the border of the central business district for commuters and others who wish to remain parked for an extended time. The city also maintains five municipal parking ramps to provide another option for longer duration parking.

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