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Service on Route 191 – The Crosstown – Starts Saturday

Post Date:10/23/2018

On Oct. 27 Rochester Public Transit will begin service on the new Route 191. This new route, dubbed “the Crosstown” is unlike any current RPT route in that it will circle the city and not use the downtown transit center as its beginning or end point.

The route was designed to address the need, shared with transit planning staff during public outreach efforts, to have transfer connections outside of downtown and to have an easier way to move around areas in greater Rochester experiencing population, employment, and retail growth. 

“We go to great lengths to design and deliver a transit system that works for all of the traveling public,” says Principal Transit Planner Bryan Law. “Route 191 represents a long-planned service expansion that the riding public has asked for.”

“For riders who don’t need to get downtown, it addresses one of the shortcomings of the ‘hub and spoke’ route orientation by adding a rim to the wheel. For many it will add a transfer point closer to the start of their trip, which can provide a more direct transit ride by avoiding downtown.”

The new Crosstown route will travel around the city in both directions (clockwise and counter clockwise) intersecting with all but two routes. Trips will span the entire service day, from 5:30 A.M to 10:30 P.M. on weekdays and from 6:30 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. on weekends and holidays. Buses will arrive about every 45 minutes, and complete timetables are printed in the bus schedule currently available. Route 191 map and schedule.

“Crosstown Connector” signs indicate the bus stops on existing routes that are transfer points which intersect with the new route.

In some cases, Route 191 will allow riders to travel from one corner to another (northeast Rochester to northwest, for example) quite directly, without heading downtown. In other cases riders may use the Crosstown as one leg of a trip, transferring to or from a regular neighborhood route to get to their destination.

The new route will also bring bus service to new areas, including stops along West Circle Drive near Hwy. 14 and 19 Ave NW and a new stop on E. River Road NE, at the City’s Public Works Transit Operations Center—the home of Rochester Public Transit. The latter will provide an opportunity for the public to ride the bus to RPT offices to purchase passes or retrieve personal items from the lost and found.

Funding for the new service comes from a grant from the Minnesota Department of Transportation. With adequate ridership, Route 191 will become part of the RPT’s regular service.

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