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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • City Attorney

    • Who do I contact to complain about the condition of my neighbor's property?

    • As a victim, is there someone in the Prosecutor's Office who can answer my questions?

    • How do I get a marriage certificate, passport, birth certificate, or driver's license renewal?

    • How do I get a residential parking permit?

    • How will I know when the offender gets out of jail or prison?

    • I am charged with a petty misdemeanor. Can I apply for a public defender?

    • I cannot afford to hire a lawyer. What are my options?

    • I cannot afford to pay a fine. What are my options?

    • I do not have an attorney. Can a lawyer from the City Attorney's office help me?

    • I received a ticket for driving after suspension/revocation/cancellation. My driver's license is now valid. What can I do about my ticket?

    • I received a traffic ticket. I'm concerned about my driving record, insurance costs, etc. How can I keep this ticket off of my record? Does the City offer some type of "safe driving class?"

    • I want to build a fence on my property. Do I need a permit and what are the requirements?

    • I want to talk to a prosecutor about my case. When can I do that?

    • What are my rights as a crime victim?

    • What are my rights concerning a boundary tree or a neighbor's property that encroaches onto my property?

    • What if I want to drop charges?

    • Who does the City Attorney's office represent?

    • Will I be able to meet with the Prosecutor?

    • Will I have to testify?

  • Community Development

    • Do I need a building permit?

    • Do I need a permit to build a fence?

    • Do I need to schedule an appointment to meet with a planner?

    • How can I obtain a plat of my lot lines?

    • How do I contact the Community Development Department?

    • How do I find out where my property lines are located?

    • What are the building setbacks on my property?

    • What are the Community Development office hours?

    • What if I own a historic building?

    • What is Community Development?

    • What is the difference between Planning & Zoning?

    • What should I know about building a garage or shed?

    • Where can I find information about planning and zoning development permits?

    • Where can I find the building permits issued by the City?

    • Where can I find the Rochester Zoning Ordinance?

    • Who do I contact about zoning enforcement or to file a complaint?

    • Who do I contact with questions about flood plains and watershed areas?

  • Emergency Management

    • Are churches safe in a tornado?

    • Are mobile homes safe in a tornado?

    • Can I sign-up for Rochester Alert without a computer?

    • Can I use the website to receive alerts without adding any contacts?

    • Does a wireless emergency alert (WEA) know where I am? Is it tracking me?

    • Does it cost anything to receive emergency alerts?

    • How do I customize which alerts I receive?

    • How do I sign up?

    • How do I update my Rochester Alert profile?

    • How often will I receive WEA messages?

    • How will I receive alerts?

    • If a tornado appears when in a open area.

    • If I can't make or receive calls or text messages, will I still be able to get a WEA message?

    • If in a car or truck, safe places to be safe are few.

    • I'm going on vacation. Can I pause alerts?

    • Is my mobile device WEA capable?

    • Is there a best place to be safe in an office?

    • Once tornado passes...

    • What are actions to take for a warning?

    • What are the signs of a tornado?

    • What are Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA)?

    • What does a WEA message look like?

    • What if I am in a big box store, or at the mall?

    • What if I am traveling? Do I get a WEA message if I'm visiting an area outside of where I live?

    • What is a warning? Is it serious?

    • What is a watch?

    • What is an advisory?

    • What is Rochester Alert?

    • What should be done during a watch?

    • What should I do when I get a WEA message on my smartphone?

    • What type of alerts will I receive?

    • Where is best place in my house?

    • Where is best place to shelter for tornadoes at school?

    • Why is this important to me?

    • Will a WEA message interrupt my phone call?

    • Will I be charged for WEA messages?

  • Office of Mayor

    • How can I display my non-profit organization's information in the City Hall display cases?

    • How do I invite the Mayor to an event/activity?

    • How do I request a proclamation?

    • How do I schedule a meeting with the Mayor?

  • Parking

    • Can a service vehicle park at my home?

    • Can I get a permit for a caregiver to take care of a family member at my home?

    • Can I get a permit for a roommate?

    • Can I get a permit for my RV or Trailer?

    • Do I need a physical permit on vehicle?

    • Do visitors coming to my home need a permit?

    • How are new parking areas established?

    • How can I get a monthly parking pass for the City parking ramps?

    • How long can I park in a “Passenger Loading Zone”?

    • How long is my Residential Parking Permit good for?

    • How much do Residential Parking Permits cost?

    • I got a parking ticket and there were no signs posted.

    • I have a disability and was issued a disability plate or tag for my car. How long can I park at the meters?

    • I parked in the 3rd Street Ramp and accidentally paid for the wrong parking spot. I received a parking ticket for not paying. Can I have my ticket dismissed?

    • I parked in the 3rd Street Ramp overnight and received a “Parking Ticket” from Lanier Parking and then I received a ticket from the City of Rochester Parking Control for not paying for my parking space

    • I was only in the clinic for a few minutes and when I returned I had a parking ticket. Can I have my ticket dismissed?

    • Parking

    • What are Residential Parking Permits?

    • What documents are needed to purchase a Residential Parking Permit?

    • What if I have a permit and sell my car?

    • When do I have to pay to park in a metered space?

    • Where do I report malfunctioning meters?

    • Who should I contact for questions about my parking citation?

    • Why are some metered areas posted No Parking for certain times?

  • Parks and Recreation

  • Public Works

    • Construction

    • Does somebody have to be killed before a traffic signal will be installed?

    • Examples of construction and sediment control

    • Examples of damaged signs

    • Examples of illegal dumping in waterways

    • Examples of storm water pond concerns

    • Examples of streambank erosion

    • How Do I Report a Public Works Emergency?

    • Parking

    • Right-of-Way Permits

    • Sidewalks & Paths

    • Street Maintenance

    • When is a crosswalk unsafe?

    • When will a lower speed limit be posted on my street?

    • Why don't they put in more stop signs?

    • Why won't they put up "Children at Play" signs

    • Winter Related