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Across the country, development review is a core local government responsibility. As cities and towns grow and change, local government reviews proposed land developments and building construction projects to ensure they meet the needs of the community at large. These community-wide needs include the safety and welfare of citizens and high-quality, consistent design and construction of buildings and public infrastructure. This web page is a resource for citizens, builders, developers and consultants to aid in understanding and navigating the City of Rochester’s Development Review process. We hope this web page, along with City Department staff, will play a significant role in making the development process more predictable, timely, logical, accountable and customer-focused.

Development Review Process & Building Construction Project Flowcharts

These flowcharts have been developed to help landowners, architects, engineers, developers and other interested parties understand the phases of the development review process in the City of Rochester. With the various codes, policies and procedures involved in securing development approval, these flowcharts (and attached links) are designed to make the land development and building construction project processes more understandable. We hope you find this beneficial.  Please note that you can click on any box or text highlighted in yellow for a hyperlink to additional information.

Customer Service

 The City of Rochester, Minnesota, values safe and quality-built industrial, commercial and residential construction within our community.  In order to promote the growth and development of Rochester, and to ensure the highest level of service to all of our citizens, we commit to:
  • Demonstrate appreciation, courtesy and integrity to all with whom we come in contact.
  • Ensure open communication and professionalism as the norm throughout our organization.
  • Provide a value-add development review/inspection process that is user friendly and efficient to all.
  • Recognize, encourage, and appreciate the value of public input.
  • Produce professional, efficient, reliable and timely service to our customers and strive to exceed their expectations at all times.
  • Provide accurate and solution-based interpretation to all regulations.
  • Provide a quality-driven approach that is helpful, practical and measurable.
Department Phone
Building Safety 507-328-2600
Public Works 507-328-2400
Community Development (Planning & Zoning) 507-328-2900