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Tips for Testifying

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1.)  Your only responsibility is to tell the facts truthfully and accurately.   The judge decides what the law is and the jury decides if the accused is guilty or not guilty. 

2.) Wear neat and conservative clothing.

3.) Listen closely to the questions you are asked.  If you do not understand or hear a question, please ask to have it repeated.

4.) If an attorney objects to a question, you should not answer until the judge tells you to or a new question is asked.

5.) If you are asked to give a "yes" or "no" answer but feel more explanation is necessary, please tell the attorney that you would like to explain your answer.

6.) Answer only the question asked.  Do not volunteer information not asked for by the question.

7.) When answering a question, tell the facts as you remember them If you do not recall certain facts, do not be afraid to say no.  Do not guess.

8.) You should not give your personal opinions or conclusions unless you are asked to by the attorneys or judge.  If you must estimate distances, measurements, times, etc., clearly state that you are estimating.  

9.) Please speak loudly and clearly so that you may be heard by everyone in the courtroom.

10.) Be polite.  Never argue with an attorney or judge.

11.) If you have concerns about revealing your home or work address, discuss this with the Victim/Witness Coordinator when you arrive to testify.  You may not need to unless relevant to the case. 

12.) If you would like someone to accompany you to the courtroom for support, please let the Victim/Witness Coordinator know when you arrive to testify.

13.) Jurors who will be deciding the cases may be in the same public areas (hallways, restroom, parking lot), so try to avoid discussing the case in public areas.