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Land Development Manual

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Land Development Manual Download (PDF)  Updated June 2019

Updates to Land Development Manual
R2018-001TA   APPROVED - Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Interim Overlay District (#R2018-001TA). The TOD Interim Overlay District is intended to protect opportunities for transit-supportive and transit oriented development for a limited time period while long-term TOD regulations and incentives are being drafted. The ordinance is intended to support vibrant pedestrian activity, promote the use of transit, and discourage specific land uses and types of development that could potentially interfere with future growth of TOD and transit ridership.
 R2018-002TA Short Term Online Rental Marketplace policy (STORM) Text Amendment
 R2018-003TA  APPROVED - Infill/Redevelopment (R2x) Zone Change- City Council initiated Text Amendment#R2018-003TA to establish a new residential zoning district called R2x. Intended to encourage infill and redevelopment of strategic areas. 
 R2018-004TA  Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Zone Change- City Council initiated Text Amendment #R2018-004TA to establish a new zoning district called Transit-Oriented Development (TOD). Intended to develop node and corridor based transit-oriented development opportunities
 R2018-005TA  Incentive and Restricted Development Text Amendment
 R2019-001TA  Council Initiated Text Amendment #R2019-001TA regarding the regulations for parking off of alleys in residential zoning districts.