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Building Permits

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II. Building Permitting 

Much as the planning department administers various regulations regarding land and site development, the Building Safety Department controls the way in which structures are built and maintained.


A.    Building Construction 
Any building construction or renovation, including decks, garages and storage building, and alteration of building walls, requires issuance of a building permit. Such permits and divided into two categories; residential and non-residential:
  • Residential building permits include single-family homes, duplexes and manufactured housing, as well as accessory buildings and structure.
  • Non-residential building permits include multiple-family buildings containing three or more dwelling units, commercial, office and industrial buildings, as well as accessory structures. 
Procedures: The building permit approval process begins with submittal of an application and plans to the building department. Plans are then routed to appropriate city departments and agencies for review and approval. Upon approvals, the Building Safety Department will collect permit fees and issue building permits.


The applicant is responsible for notification to Building Safety to arrange city inspections at appropriate stages of the construction process. Upon construction completion, the applicant must arrange for the City's issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.


Submitted Requirements
  • Residential Permits
    • 2 Site Plans
    • 2 Sets of building plans & specs
    • Application
  • Non-residential Permits
    • 3 Site plans
    • 3 Sets of building plans
    • 1 Structural calculations
    • Application
    • 1 Energy code calculations
    • 1 Roof/floor truss designs
    • 3 Certificates of survey
Note: In some cases, energy calculation, wind zone verification and other information may be requested. Separate permits are also required for the following: electrical, mechanical, plumbing, grading, and signs.


Process Timing
  • Residential Permits: 10 Business Days
  • Non-residential Permits: 4 weeks
Note: Precise timing depends on project size and complexity and the number of projects in the review process.  Partial permits may be applied for.


B. Building Demolition and Moving
Permits are required for demolishing or moving a building. For demolition, obtaining a permit assures removal of the value of the demolished building from the taxable value of the property. In both demolition and moving processes, the permit allows an opportunity for review and coordination with city departments and utility companies that may be affected by the action.


Procedures: Permits are applied for through the City Clerk's office. Submittal of an application is required along with an identification of the route intended for the building moving process. Upon review by appropriate departments and agencies, the permit will be issued.


Process timing: Customarily, the permitting process takes approximately one week.


C. Building Board of Appeals
In cases in which an applicant wishes to obtain a review of a building code interpretation or approval of an alternate construction product or procedure, a building Board of Appeals review is requested.


Procedures: Application is made through the Building Safety Department. Upon receipt of the application, a hearing is scheduled with the Building Board of Appeals, at which determination is made by the Board.  


Submittal Requirements
  1. Application Form
  2. Application Fee
  3. Any additional information required to explain the nature of the appeal 
Process timing: 3-4 weeks