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Fire Control Permits

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III. Fire Department Processes 

A. Fire Protection Permits
Building owners or contractors are required to obtain a Fire Protection Permit prior to installation or modification of all automatic fire sprinklers, alarm systems, chemical extinguishing systems, and flammable or combustible liquid tank systems when such systems cost more than $500.


In general, fire sprinkler systems are required in the following situations:
  1. New buildings, buildings being enlarged and buildings undergoing occupancy changes that meet certain size or capacity thresholds that are set by occupancy type, *including the following:
  1. Basements greater than 1500 square feet without above-grade exterior wall access.
  2. Commercial cooking equipment
  3. Paint spray booths
  4. Coolers and freezers
  5. Elevator shafts and equipment rooms
Note: Single family homes less than 1800 square feet or containing three or fewer stories are not required to install fire sprinklers.
Fire alarm systems are required in:
  1. Buildings over 75 feet in height
  2. Apartments three or more stories in height or containing 16 or more dwelling units
  3. Hotels three or more stories in height or containing 20 or more rooms
  4. Congregate residences three or more stories in height or accommodating 20 or more occupants
Fire protection permits require only administrative review and approval. Plans are reviewed by the Rochester Fire Department, Fire Prevention Bureau, and appropriate city departments and agencies prior to approval.
Submittal Requirements
  1. Application
  2. Permit fee
  3. Two sets of certified plans

Process Timing

One Week
B. Fire Department Access
Developers and property owners are required to submit plans and obtain fire department approval of all new buildings and developments for fire department access and availability of fire protection water. This is normally facilitated through the Rochester/Olmsted Planning Department as part of the predevelopment plan approval process.


Fire Lanes
All portions of buildings constructed more than 150 feet from a public way, as measured around the perimeter of the building, must be provided with an approved fire lane. Fire lanes must be a minimum of a 20-foot wide all weather surface and have overhead clearance of at least 13 feet 6 inches. Fire lanes having a dead-end more than 150 long are required to provide an approved turn-around, suitable for responding fire apparatus.
"No Parking-Fire Lane" signs may be required to be posted along fire lanes and cul-de-sacs in order to maintain 20-feet clear width, for emergency vehicles to travel unencumbered in both directions.


Water Supplies

When any portion of a facility or building is in excess of 150 feet from a water supply on a public street, as measured around the perimeter of the building, on-site fire hydrants and water supply mains, capable of supplying the required fire flow, shall be provided.