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Public Works Processes

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IV. Public Works Processes 

A. Street or Easement Dedication 
The Dedication of Street right-of-way for public use requires acceptance by resolution of the City Council, following staff review and hearings before the Planning Commission and City Council as prescribed in the Land Subdivision process (see Section IA).

Easements: are statements of right to use or access private property for a specific purpose. Such easements may grant a right to construct and/or maintain streets, utilities or drainage. Other easements may grant a right to use a property for pedestrian access, vehicular access, parking or placement of a structure.

Procedure and Submittal Requirements: Public easements are processed by the Public Works Department. The process is started by submittal of a certificate of survey and legal description of the easement area. A description of the terms and rights of the easement being granted. Such documents must be prepared by a qualified land surveyor and/or attorney. Easements are reviewed by appropriate city departments and utility companies prior to approval by the City Council.

Process Timing: 3-4 weeks

B. Street, Alley or Easement Vacation
To vacate a street, alley, or easement, the approval process is coordinated by the Planning Department. Minnesota Statutes requires that the issue be reviewed by the Planning Commission and that a hearing be held by the City Council prior to approval.

Procedure/Submittals: Upon receipt of an application which specifically lists the portion of street, alley or easement to be vacated, the staff reviews the request. Review is also conducted by other affected city departments, such as Public Works, and utility companies. Staff then schedules the request for Planning Commission review, if necessary, and the City Council hearing. 

Process Timing: 3-4 weeks
C. Revocable Permits
In some cases, private individuals or companies may wish to use public property. Such items as public service signs, sidewalk vendors, or newspaper vending machines occasionally make use of the opportunities. In such cases, revocable permits are issued by the City through the Public Works Department.


Procedures/Submittals: An application for a revocable permit must be submitted with sufficient drawings and descriptions to explain nature and timing of the request. The Public Works Staff will review the request with appropriate city departments and utility companies prior to scheduling for City Council consideration.


Process Timing: 2-3 weeks

D. Grading and Storm Water Management Permits

Download the Detailed Grading Checklist

Although grading permits and storm water management permits are technically separate, the processes and considerations are very inter-related. Whenever 50 cubic yards of soil or more are disturbed by earth moving procedures, a grading permit is required. If the development disturbs five acres or more of land, or creates one acre or more of impervious surface, permits must also be obtained through the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). In the process adequate attention must also be given to the design of storm water management improvements, both during construction and after construction is complete.
Procedure: All Grading Plans and Storm Water Management Plans are administratively reviewed and approved through the Rochester Public Works Department and Olmsted Soil and Water Conservation District. NPDES permits are administratively approved by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA).
Submittal Requirements
  • NPDES Permit: Application form is submitted to MPCA
  • Grading/Permits/Storm Water Management Plans:
    Initial review:
  1. One Plan, Specification, Grading Plan checklist and drainage report, if applicable, to Public Works Department
  2. One plan and specification to Olmsted SWCD
Grading Plan Approval/Permit Issuance:
  1. 6 copies of Plans and Specifications (certified by professional engineer)
  2. Grading Permit Application and Fee to Building Safety Department
  3. NPDES permit application and fee to MPCA (if applicable)

Process Timing

2-3 Weeks