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Emergency Response Plans for Building Occupants

There are many types of plans for emergency response.  Cities, like Rochester, use emergency operations plans (EOP) to coordinate community-level response.  For people in buildings, an emergency response plan (ERP) outlines safety and emergency actions for specific threats and hazards.

Emergency Response Plan Templates

This Emergency Response Plan template has been developed to safeguard occupants of City facilities and to minimize possible danger to the structure and its contents that might result from the effects of fire or other emergencies or disasters. These templates were developed by an emergency management agency, and modified by City of Rochester Emergency Management as a public service. Organizations are free to download these templates and are expected to modify these templates to fit needs and resources available.



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Drill Record

Emergency Response Plan Checklist

Sample Emergency Response Plans

Emergency response plans explain how building staff and occupants should respond to a threat or hazard. There are many ways to get the information across. Some organizations use a poster, and display emergency information in public areas, such as conference rooms, offices, or large gathering areas. Others use a common word processing document and write out emergency instructions. Even a slide show program can be used to create and share emergency response instructions.

Sample Emergency Response Poster

Sample Emergency Response Plan.pdf

Sample Emergency Response Plan.PPT

Planning for Health Facilities

Health facilities, such as nursing homes, group homes, and the like, are different from other buildings.  Administrators are responsible for residents who are often vulnerable and need special care.  The State of Minnesota provides guidance for health facility emergency response plans.  You can find a number of sample plans and other documents at Minnesota Department of Health Life Safety Documentation Project