Emergency Management Training

Disaster Relief Force

Under City of Rochester Chapter 14a Emergency Management, "Disaster Relief Forces means all agencies of Rochester government, private and volunteer personnel and equipment, public officers and employees, and all other persons or groups of persons or equipment identified in the Rochester Emergency Operations Plan."  Employees who are pre-designated to work in the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) can benefit from training.  This training will build foundational knowledge and help to reduce the stress associated with disaster management.

Incident Management Training Matrix


Rochester Emergency Operations Center uses DisasterLAN to manage emergency operations.  Emergency Operations Center staff are trained in basic DisasterLAN operations.  For the next course, see the Emergency Management Calendar.

Rochester Alert Training

Rochester Alert is the emergency notification system for Olmsted County and the City of Rochester. There is a public alerting component of Rochester Alert, and is utilized to send emergency messages to residents.  In addition to public alerting, Rochester Alert features private and public group notifications for alerting response and recovery teams.  Training in Rochester Alert is by request to City of Rochester or Olmsted County emergency management.

City of Rochester Exercises

Public Information Officer Training and Tabletop Exercise, June 15 - 16, 2015

Airport 2015 Full Scale Exercise, September 10, 2015

Turning Technologies

Turning Technologies PowerPoint Polling system is a powerful way to engage audiences and get immediate feedback on training effectiveness.  If you attending training, and want a refresher, view TurningPoint 5 Training Tutorials here.