Flood Insurance - Do you need it?

Flood Risk Scenario

Flooding is the #1 natural hazard in the United States. The flood protection program by the City of Rochester greatly reduces the threat of river & stream flooding for city residents. Still, the National Flood Insurance Program and the City of Rochester Emergency Management Division wants residents to know that while homeowners insurance won't cover against flooding, you can protect your home and property by purchasing a flood insurance policy. To purchase a flood insurance policy, contact a local insurance agent.

Here is helpful information to guide you with a decision:

Flood Cost of flooding

Learn about Flood Insurance Misconceptions, such as Does my homeowners insurance policy cover flooding? Am I eligible for flood insurance? Can I get flood insurance if I am renting? Can I get flood insurance before floodwaters reach my house? If I live in a low-risk zone, do I really need flood insurance? (and other answers)

Home contents coverage for residents living in high-risk areas

Flood Insurance: What it covers and What it doesn't

Take a look at this flood scenario (interactive video) to see different flood causes. Or check out this measurement tool to see how much a flood could cost you.

Finally, we want you to know that every lender is required to identify the need for flood insurance as part of any property purchase. New housing development is required to provide protections against the 100 year flood zone (rivers and streams). If you want to learn more about flood risk your area, contact the Rochester-Olmsted Planning Department. Also, a wealth of information can be found at FloodSmart.gov - the official site of the National Flood Insurance Program.

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