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How to Get Your Business or Non-Profit Ready for Disaster

Do1Thing Business offers an easy, 12-step program for getting your business operations disaster resilient. You can download the complete manual here.  Each month - perhaps each week - you can follow the guide to do one small step each month to prepare your workplace.

FEMA Offers Independent Study Courses

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides learning through independent study courses. Protecting Your Home or Small Business from Disaster (IS-394.A) is a self-learning course designed for business owners, homeowners, and individuals.  Using non-technical wording, you can learn protective steps to minimize risk and prevent business loss from disaster.  This free course is available here Business has a site for business preparedness. The site offers many resources, including a Business Continuity Planning Suite.  If you are ready-to-go, and committed to an extensive and exhaustive process, you will find what you need at

Ready Business 

More Resources

Small Business Administration Disaster Preparedness

Institute for Home and Business Safety

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