Recreation Fires

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Recreational Fires

Backyard fire pits are allowed in Rochester.  Before lighting the fire, let the Fire Department know you will be burning to prevent a visit from your local fire engine company.  Call Fire Dispatch at (507) 328-2830 and let them know the day and time you will be having a good time.



Safety Tips for Your Recreation Fire

  • Keep it small - less than 3 ft. diameter is the rule
  • Best location - 25 ft. away from any house
  • Using a grill or barbeque pit - it can be 15 ft. from any house
  • Have water on hand - in case the fire gets out of hand, have a bucket with water handy to douse wandering flames
  • When you're gone, put it out - unattended fires are dangerous
  • Find these are other safety tips in the Recreational Fire handout


Open Burning vs. Recreational Fires

Burning of leaves, sticks, and tree branches is not allowed in Rochester, unless a special permit is granted.  This includes the wood from your last building project, or the tree that fell down last summer.  To receive a special permit, contact Rochester Fire Department at (507) 328-2800