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Total Rewards Philosophy

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Employees matter at the City of Rochester.  That’s why when we talk about a “Total Rewards Philosophy Statement,” we are referring to all the organizational tools -- monetary and nonmonetary – available for the City to use to help attract, motivate and retain the best and brightest employees.  It is what the City provides to employees in exchange for their time, talents, efforts and the results achieved.   

There are seven components of the Total Rewards Philosophy Statement for the City of Rochester: compensation, benefits, engagement, performance management, work-life balance, professional development, and stewardship of public funds.  Each component may include programs, policies, and other elements that collectively define the City’s strategy to demonstrate how important employees are to the ongoing success of the organization.  We believe the total rewards strategy contributes to a culture that values its employees and results in engaged and productive employees who contribute to organizational outcomes and, in turn, feel satisfied in their work environment. 

Total Rewards 



Base pay is the primary component of the compensation program and the City offers a wage that attracts and retains valuable employees.  As a fixed cost, is it is important that jobs are evaluated accurately with due consideration given to both internal and external equity while maintaining compliance to regulatory requirements. 


A competitive, comprehensive benefits package is offered to employees.  It will provide flexibility and choices while meeting the needs of a diverse workforce and reflecting the various life stages of employees.  The benefits program is intended to supplement the compensation program(s) that helps employees meet their financial commitments and prepare for retirement while maintaining health and wellness for themselves and their families. 


The City defines engagement as the degree to which employees think, feel, and act in ways that represent high levels of enthusiasm and commitment to their jobs and the organization.  Engaged employees take pride in their work and feel valued by the organization.

City leaders understand the importance of having an engaged workforce and continually strive to create a work climate that is responsive to the needs of the employees as reflected in the feedback received through the engagement survey process.  Engagement action plans are developed to support continuous improvement and open communication.


The City promotes a work culture of recognition where leaders and employees make a concerted effort to acknowledge the efforts of others, positive performance and compliance to core values.  Recognition can be given for a variety of reasons from supervisors, co-workers, Council members, Board members and the community.

Supervisors support performance management concepts whereby employees receive feedback on their performance through one-on-one meetings and coaching sessions with their supervisors.  Supervisors lead and employees participate in a meaningful performance evaluations process and goal-setting meetings.  Leaders communicate the future direction to all employees and ensure they understand why the organization is going in a particular direction and how they can help achieve targeted business outcomes. Expectations for performance are clearly communicated, understood, and evaluated for completion.


The City provides organizational practices, programs, and policies creating a framework for employees to balance work, family and community involvement. Employees want the flexibility to earn a living while managing personal commitments.  As a result, they are happier, less stressed, feel valued by the City and are more productive.

Work-life effectiveness or balance includes a full range of benefits.  However, not all work-life balance programs are created and/or offered equally.  The needs of the community, the organization, and the department will be balanced with the work-life requests of the employee.


Professional development contributes to the engagement and satisfaction of employees and prepares the workforce to meet the ongoing, futuristic needs of a first-class city.  Therefore, the City encourages and financially supports ongoing professional development and a culture of life-long learning by providing continuous on-the-job training, educational coursework, apprenticeship programs, and developing leaders who understand that “to lead is to teach” and who appropriately mentor their direct reports.


As stewards of public funds, our organizational total rewards, practices, policies and programs align with and recognize the City’s responsibility to those we serve in a manner that supports long-term financial sustainability.

Created February 2014