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Graham Arena Complex

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Welcome to the Graham Arena Complex

The Graham Arena Complex is managed and operated by the Rochester Park & Recreation Department.  The complex, consisting of four large arenas and over 100,000 square feet, is located at the Olmsted County Fairgrounds.  The arenas are used for a variety of dry floor events year-round  and ice skating events for ten months out of the year.

Types of Eventsalbum link

  • Home & Vacation Shows
  • Agricultural Trade
  • Wedding CelebrationsGraham Arena Building
  • Arts & Crafts Shows
  • Gold Rush Antique Shows
  • Concerts
  • Kennel Club Dog Shows
  • Olmsted County Fair
  • Youth Hockey Tournaments
  • High School Hockey Games
  • Adult Hockey Leagues                                               Graham Arena Complex Map
  • Broomball Tournaments                                            Fairgrounds Map
  • Sled Hockey
  • Boxing & Ultimate Combat Sports                             Hockey Program Links
  • Roller Derby Bouts                                                       Hockey Leagues                                    
  • Wrestling Matches                                                        Hockey Camps
  • Bull Riding Challenge                                          Open Hockey Schedule
  • Family Celebration Parties                                           


Ice Events: October 1 - June 30
Off Ice Events: March 15 - September 30

Contact Us

For information regarding ice rental or dry floor space rental please call Bob Montrose at 507-358-8991 or by e-mail at


2019 Rental Rates 

Arena Ice Events Off Ice Events
Graham 1 $180.00/hour $1,750.00/day
Graham 2 $180.00/hour $1,600.00/day
Graham 3 $180.00/hour $1,600.00/day
Graham 4 $180.00/hour NA