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The Common Council finds that as the City continues to increase in population and in land area, available financial resources to purchase and develop lands for neighborhood park purposes from sources other than the general tax levy have diminished.  Appropriate municipal planning and control is needed to ensure that lands suitable for economical neighborhood park development are identified and preserved for public use during the land subdivision and development process and not developed for other purposes.  The provisions by the City of adequate neighborhood park facilities in newly developed residential areas to serve the recreational needs of the residents of these areas, is an important factor in the maintenance of a high quality of life in the City; and contributes to the health and safety of citizens, especially those who are children. In addition, adequate open space land should be reserved to retain the character of the City, protect wildlife habitats, cleanse the air and stormwater runoff, and provide passive recreational opportunities.            

It is therefore in the best interest of all of the citizens of the City to ensure that when new residential development is hereinafter created or made possible by subdivision of lands, that adequate measures are provided in the subdivision process to permit the City to identify land suitable for development as new neighborhood park facilities, and to obtain and develop such lands for the use of the public at a reasonable cost.  It also is in the best interest of the all the citizens of the City to ensure that adequate open space is dedicated and reserved.

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