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Bus Schedule and System Maps

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In the table below is RPT's route by individual maps and timetables (updated January 2018). There are four quadrants to Rochester; NW, NE, SW and SE. Broadway is the dividing line for east and west. Center Street is the dividing line for north and south.

Most bus routes begin and end downtown at the Downtown Transit Center.  A map of the Downtown Transit Center can be found here:  Downtown Transit Center Map.

View the complete bus schedule (updated January 2019)

Weekday routes are numbered 1 through 19.  Saturday routes are numbered 21 through 26.

Watch for suffixes:

D stands for direct routes (fast, few stops, usually serve park & ride lots & shopping centers)

M stands for a Mid-Day Route

N stands for night routes such as 1N, 3N, 7N and 12N.

A and B - Indicate an alternate route in which bus does something different

* Route has been updated since last printing


Weekday Routes 





Route 1D  Route 1 Route 6A Route 3
Route 1N  Route 1D Route 6B Route 3D & 3N
Route 8  Route 1N  Route 6M Route 4A
Route 9  Route 2 Route 7 Route 4B
Route 10  Route 16 Route 7A Route 4D
Route 11   Route 7N Route 4M
Route 12   Route 8 Route 5
 Route 12M   Route 14 Route 6A
Route 12N     Route 6B
 Route 18     Route 6D
Route 18D     Route 6M
Route 19     Route 7N
  Route 15D

Route 17

Shopper Route 55 - Tuesday Only Shopper Route 55 -Friday Only

Route 191 - Crosstown


Weekend & Holiday Routes









 Route 25 Route 21 Route 23 Route 22
 Route 26   Route 24 Route 23
      Route 24