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Real-Time Bus-Tracking

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Find and track your bus!

Doublemap tells you where buses are throughout the system and when they are estimated to arrive at stops. Perfect for timing your walk to the stop or for locating a bus that may be running late. The app also provides up-to-the-minute announcements from Rochester Public Transit regarding delays, detours or temporary service changes. 






What is real-time bus tracking?

Riders can use the DoubleMap mobile app or a feature on RPT’s website on a desktop or laptop to see a map that displays buses moving along their routes.  Users can choose to see all routes, none of the routes, or any combination of active routes.

The map will also show bus stops (users will have to zoom in on the map to a certain level), so riders will be able to see which routes serve a particular stop, and how long it will be until the next bus arrives there.  The DoubleMap system will provide answers to the two big questions of transit riders everywhere: “where is my bus?” and “when will it get here?”

The system will also allow RPT to communicate specific announcements to riders about emergencies, road closures, detours, etc. Just scroll down past the list of routes to see the Announcements box.


How do I use this system?

Riders can download the DoubleMap app from their preferred source (such as iTunes, the App Store, Google Play, etc.) and use the app anywhere on their mobile device.  Users can also use a desktop or laptop to access the feature following this link: