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In May 2017, the City of Rochester adopted the 2017-2021 Transit Development Plan (TDP), which will guide Rochester Public Transit (RPT) as it grows and develops. Some elements of the plan have already been implemented: earlier weekday morning service; later weekday evening service; expansion of Saturday hours; and the establishment of Sunday and holiday service that repeats the expanded Saturday hours.

Coming Summer 2020

Significant system-wide changes are being implemented in July of 2020. These include a renumbering of the entire transit system and the addition of new routes to serve new geographic areas of the city. 

These changes were presented to members of the Rochester City Council at a study session on January 13, 2020. Links to the material that were presented are below.

One page fact sheet     RPT2020 One pagerv2sm

 Interactive map    julysys 

Memo outlining proposed new route names.