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City Owner Construction Program

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The City of Rochester uses a process called “City Owner Construction” that is responsible for building the majority of the public infrastructure for the city. Under this process property developers enter into Development Agreements and contracts for the construction of the public infrastructure supporting their development.

City Owner Pilot Program

Through the years, the City Owner Contract process has on occasion resulted in less than desired quality of public infrastructure. The attached presentation documents issues and problems typically encountered.

In July 2015, the City Council directed the Public Works staff to work with developers, consulting engineers, and contractors to investigate opportunities to improve the overall quality of the privately constructed infrastructure built and then accepted by the City through the City Owner Contract process.

In August 2015, Public Works asked the Rochester Area Builders group to assist with the establishment of a task force to investigate and analyze the City Owner Contract process and the less than desirable quality issues.

The task force goals / objectives are:
Goal: Improve the overall quality of the public infrastructure to achieve expected life cycles.

Objective 1. – Determine factors that contribute to not achieving full infrastructure life.
Objective 2. – Involve developers, engineers, contractors, and city staff to work together to identify opportunities and responsibilities
Objective 3. – Evaluate different delivery methods
Objective 4. – Evaluate different contracting and payment options

A 16 member task force was formed, met several times from September to November 2015, draft a report of Task Force findings, conclusions, and recommendations and presented them to the City Council at the November 30, 2015 Committee of the Whole.   Task Force Report.

The City Council took formal action, at the December 7, 2015 council meeting, to enter into a 2 year Pilot Program recommended by the Task Force that implements program revisions and process changes.

Presentation given at Cascade Meadow on June 16, 2016

First Year Report (2016) - Staff provided the City Council a first year update of the City Owner Pilot Program at a July Committee of the Whole (C.O.W.).  Attached is the first year report and the July C.O.W. presentation.

Request for City Owner J Number

Please email information below to Heather Peterson.

Please provide in your email the project reference name and/or description of proposed work. If this project is a phase of an existing project, include the City J number for that phase. Also, submit a plan that is associated with the City Owner Contract or include a vicinity map of the project location. You will be receiving your assigned City J Number via email.

City Owner Contract

Mark Baker will be the City of Rochester contact for a request for a City Owner Contract and he may be reached by office at 507-328-2427 or by email.

Construction Observation

Mark Baker will be the City of Rochester Project Manager for the City Owner. He may be reached directly at 507-328-2427 or by email. Send original executed contract to Kevin Kuisle no later than 3:00 p.m. on the Tuesday preceding the City Council meeting.

City Owner Specifications

City Owner Program

Kevin Kuisle, Engineering Technician, will be the City of Rochester contact for the City Owner Program and he may be reached by office at 507-328-2457 or by email.