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Room 108
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Phone: 507-328-2400
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Meet the new 4th Street SW

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Meet the New 4th Street SW!

Please be safe and courteous. There's a lot riding on it.

Learn how to navigate 4th Street SW:

What motorists should know:
  • On-street parking is not next to the curb. Park your vehicle next to buffer zone and be sure to watch for cyclists as you cross the bike lane to reach the sidewalk.
  • Stop behind the bike box on a red light. Cyclists will queue in front of you in the bike box as everyone awaits the green signal. This position makes them more visible as they cross the intersection. You do not stop behind the bike box on a green light.
  • There are no turns on red allowed at intersections with bike boxes.
  • Green pavement paint indicates areas where vehicles and cyclists need to pay extra attention to each other.
  • Cyclists are able to ride in the roadway, even if there are bicycle facilities present.

What cyclists should know:

  • Green pavement paint indicates areas where vehicles and cyclists need to pay extra attention to each other.
  • On a red light, queue in the bike box based on the direction you intend to travel when the light turns green (to left of the box if turning left, center if going straight and to right of box if turning right). Be sure to stay clear of the crosswalk.
  • On a green light, proceed through the intersection as normal. Cyclists wanting to turn left will either need to merge into traffic or make a two-stage turn. A two-stage turn involves the cyclist going straight through the intersection, stopping in the opposite corner and awaiting another green light to proceed in their desired direction of travel.
  • The bike lane on 4th Street SW is located along the curb and is protected by parked cars. Be sure to watch for pedestrians crossing the bike lane as they move between their parked vehicle and the sidewalk.


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What pedestrians should know:

  • Some traffic signals along this street allow pedestrian traffic to enter the intersection a few seconds before the light turns green for vehicles. This head start helps make pedestrians more visible to drivers and cyclists. 
  • Watch for cyclists in the bike lane, as well as vehicles in the travel lane, as you cross the street.

Project Benefits

4th Street SW was reconstructed from 1st Avenue SW to 6th Avenue SW in 2018-2019. This project addressed pavement that was in poor condition, added bicycle facilities, improved pedestrian safety, upgraded sanitary sewer capacity in downtown and replaced water main that was over 100 years old.

Features for Pedestrians:

  • Crosswalks across 4th Street were shortened by adding curb bump outs. Some crosswalks have a raised median, providing pedestrian refuge.
  • A curbless intersection was constructed at 2nd Ave SW to prototype the future Discovery Walk curbless street design.
  • Wider sidewalks and amenity zones per the DMC Development Guidelines recommendations.

Features for Bikes:

  • The City has designated 4th Street SW as a bicycle route. A buffered bicycle facility was constructed as part of this project.
  • Enhanced pavement markings for bike facilities that increase the visibility of bikes to vehicles.

Features for Cars:

  • The existing traffic signals at 1st Avenue SW, 3rd Avenue SW and 4th Avenue SW were replaced.
  • The number of on-street parking stalls was increased.
  • New pavement providing a smoother ride surface.

Project Cost & Funding

The estimated project cost was $5.3M, with the funding coming from special assessments, local utility funds, State Aid funds, DMC Sales Tax and State DMC funds.