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1st Avenue NE/SE Sanitary Sewer Relief Line J7825

The sanitary sewer will be improved along 1st Avenue SE to 2nd Street SE. Additional sanitary and storm sewer improvements will be installed along 2nd Street SE from Broadway to 3rd Avenue SE. A new siphon will be installed along the 3rd Avenue SE Bridge from the Government Center to 2nd Street SE. 

J7825 Sanitary Sewer Relief Line Project Overview Sheet

Related News Releases & Maps:

Project Manager: Matt Crawford, Public Works (507-328-2411)
Sewer Project Inspector: Eric Loftus, Public Works

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4th Street SW Reconstruction from 1st Avenue SW to 6th Avenue SW - J7326

The project will reconstruct 4th Street SW, from 1st Avenue to 6th Avenue, to address the pavement that is in poor condition, to add bicycle facilities and to upgrade the sanitary sewer. The project is expected to resume on May 7, 2019 and be completed by the end of July 2019.

J7326 4th Street SW Reconstruction Project Overview Sheet

Learn more at the project website:

Project Manager/Construction Manager: Kyle Schlink, Public Works 

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18th Avenue NW (CR 112) Reconstruction from 37th Street NW to 55th Street NW – J7813

18th Avenue NW, also known as County Road (CR) 112, provides a critical connection in the growing northwest corner of Rochester. As the community has grown north to 55th Street NW and beyond, the traffic on 18th Avenue NW has also increased. The goal of this project is to reconstruct 18th Avenue NW to improve the function and safety of the roadway for pedestrians, bicycles, transit and vehicles while better serving the surrounding urbanizing land uses.

The proposed project includes reconstruction of 18th Avenue NW (CR 112) from 37th Street NW to Royal Place NW and pavement rehabilitation from Royal Place NW to 55th Street NW. The proposed project will replace deteriorated pavement, replace existing signal systems, address aging sanitary sewer and water main utilities, provide pedestrian enhancements, improve the storm drainage system, construct an urban section with a mini roundabout, add bike lanes, and add landscaped medians for access management improvements.

Follow this link for an educational video about the project (March 2017):

For more information on the project planning and design that led to this construction project, please visit Bolton-Menk 18th Avenue NW (CR112) Reconstruction Project

J7813 18th Avenue NW Reconstruction Project Overview Sheet

Project Updates

Project Manager/Construction Manager: Kyle Schlink, Public Works 
Construction Inspector:
Estimated Construction Cost - $6,999,000
Estimated Schedule – September 2017 – July 2019

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7th Avenue NW & 6th Avenue NW Reconstruction - J7319

The project will reconstruct 7th Avenue SW, from 2nd Street SW to 4th Street NW; 4th Street NW, from 7th Avenue NW to 6th Avenue NW; 6th Avenue from 4th Street NW to 6th Street NW; 3rd Street NW from 7th Avenue to 8th Avenue NW; and 8th Avenue from 3rd Street NW to Cascade Creek. The project replaces deteriorated pavement, replaces undersized sanitary sewer, insufficient storm sewer structures, aged water main utilities and deficient sidewalk panels, provides pedestrian enhancements, adds bike lanes, and includes bumpouts at most intersections.

Update 6/2018: On June 18, 2018 the Rochester City Council rejected the lowest bid for Project J7319. The lowest bid was 26% higher than the design engineers estimate ($6.23M vs $4.9M). While the project remains fully funded, the project will be re-bid this fall. Subsequently, construction will be postponed until 2019-2020. There is no intended change to the project scope or limits. Likewise, this project will remain an assessment project with no changes to previously adopted assessments. This year's rates will still apply next year.

J7319 7th Avenue NW & 6th Avenue NW Reconstruction Project Overview Sheet

Project/Construction Manager: Brett Jenkinson, Public Works (507-328-2465)
Estimated Schedule: June 2019 to November 2020

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16th Avenue SW/NW Rehabilitation - J7330

This roadway will undergo a mill and overlay to restore the pavement from 2nd Street SW to Civic Center Drive. The new pavement markings will provide for the inclusion of bike lanes on the street. A concrete median will be installed to eliminate conflict points by controlling access at Center Street.

J7330 16th Avenue SW/NW Rehabilitation Project Overview Sheet

Project Manager: Russ Kelm, Public Works (507-328-2417)
Estimated Schedule: Expected completion date of fall 2019

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Signal Project: Broadway Avenue North at Northern Heights Drive NE - J6047

The Project involves replacing aging signal infrastructure and upgrading to current standards of signal poles, mast arms, signal cabinet, signal heads, luminaires, emergency vehicle preemption, flashing yellow arrow, fiber interconnect, audible pedestrian push buttons, and sidewalk curb ramps to meet ADA requirements.

Project Manager: Sam Budzyna, Public Works (507-328-2430)
Estimated Schedule: Majority of work completed in 2018; painting to be completed in spring 2019

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Multi-Use Path along Highway 14 from Marion Road/15th Avenue SE to East Circle Drive and along College Drive SE from Highway 14 to 8½ Street SE - J4670

The project consists of the construction of shared-lanes for bicycles and automobiles and an 8 to 10-foot wide separate multi-use path with pedestrian walkways. The proposed project will enhance connections between destinations in southeast Rochester including Eastwood Plaza, Rochester Community and Technical College (RCTC), and the surrounding neighborhoods. The proposed path will connect three existing multi-use paths, further connecting users to destinations in the area and beyond.

J4670 Multi-Use Path along Highway 14 Project Summary Sheet

Project Manager: Kyle Schlink, Public Works 
Estimated Schedule: April 2019 through summer 2019

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Multi-Use Path along West Circle Drive from 41st Street NW to the Douglas Trail - J4694

The project consists of the construction of a 10-foot wide multi-use path along the east side of West Circle Drive NW. This new multi-use path will be separate from the roadway. The proposed project will provide a connection between 41st Street NW and the Douglas Trail. This new path will address a gap in trail connectivity along West Circle Drive.

J4694 Multi-Use Path along West Circle Drive Project Summary Sheet

Project Manager: Kyle Schlink, Public Works
Estimated Schedule: Spring through summer 2019

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Rehabilitation of 48 Street NW from 31 Avenue NW to TH 52 East Frontage Road - J4691

The project consists of the construction of a 5-foot concrete sidewalk on the north side of 48th St NW from Carlos O’Kelly’s west to the intersection of 31st Ave NW. To do so, the City must add fill and capture storm water in a pipe that will join the existing storm water collection system that lies on the southwest quadrant of the intersection of 48th St NW and the Highway 52 East Frontage Rd (in front of MnDOT District 6 Headquarters).  

Access to businesses (Carlos O’Kelly’s and Rochester Motor Cars Mazda Dealership) will be maintained but 48th St NW will be accessible only from 31st Ave NW for a two day period at the beginning of the project to allow the contractor to connect new storm sewer to the existing storm sewer.  Additionally, expect 48th St NW to be restricted to one lane during most of the project.

Project Manager: Brett Jenkinson, Public Works (507-328-2466)
Estimated Schedule: Spring through June 2019

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3rd Avenue / 4th Avenue / Center Street Bike Lane Project (J8903)

The City of Rochester desires to improve access to downtown Rochester for all street users, such as pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders, and motor vehicle drivers. As the outcome of the recently approved Integrated Transit Studies, the City is working to implement a network of bicycle facilities to provide safe, comfortable and convenient bicycle access to and through downtown Rochester for bicyclists of all ages and abilities. The implementation of the downtown bike network also includes making safety improvements to key bicycle entrances, or “portals” into downtown from residential neighborhoods abutting downtown and from the City’s extensive shared-use path network.

The City is currently performing final design on the following bike lane projects that were included in the City’s adopted Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for 2019 construction:

Project Location Project Termini  Bike Facility Type
3rd Avenue and 4th Avenue 6th Street NW to 7th Street SW
  • Buffered bike lanes (or protected bike lanes, if feasible)
  • Where motor vehicle traffic is one-way, the bike lanes will also provide one-way travel in the same direction as motor vehicles
Center Street 6th Avenue W to 6th Avenue SE
  • Buffered bike lanes (or protected bike lanes, if feasible)


City residents and project stakeholders will have opportunities to share thoughts and comments on the final design at key project milestones over the course of the project that is anticipated to conclude in 2019.

  • Downtown Bicycle Plan
  • Rochester Bike Lane Open House Presentation  (February 12, 2019)
  • Concept Layouts Open House Presentation (February 12, 2019)
  • 60 Percent Plans for 3rd Avenue, 4th Avenue and Center Street Bike Lanes (May 2019)
    The bike lane concepts presented to the community in February 2019 have now been refined to a 60-percent level of design and formatted as construction plan sheets. A wide variety of comments were received in February. The resulting 60-percent plans attempt to balance best practices for bicyclist safety and comfort with vehicle travel lane and on-street parking preservation, and stakeholders’ stated issues and desires. Next steps in the process including refining the plans to a 90-percent level of design (estimated completion in late May/early June) and then development of final construction documents.  When the final construction documents are complete, the City Council will decide whether to approve the plans and authorize Rochester Public Works to solicit construction bids. The current estimated time frame for the City Council decision is July, 2019.

Please visit and tell us your thoughts on the 3rd Avenue, 4th Avenue, and Center Lane Bike Lanes Project. The survey will be available until May 26, 2019. 

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