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Street & Transportation Studies

  • Understanding Rochester Travel Demand in Light of Destination Medical Center and Downtown Master Plan Goals

Concerns raised at recent meetings have indicated possible misunderstanding of the goals established in the Rochester Downtown Master Plan (RDMP) and the Destination Medical Center Development Plan (DMC) regarding the need to reduce the level of single occupant private vehicle travel in downtown Rochester in the future and what the effect of this will be on travel throughout the urban area. This briefing paper will clarify the travel reduction goal, why the goal was established, how it could be achieved and its effect on travel demand outside of the DMC/RDMP development area.

  • Broadway Avenue Corridor Study and Pavement Management Plan - J7293

The project includes long-and short-term planning for Broadway Avenue from 37th Street NE to Civic Center Drive (north segment and also 12th Street South (TH 14) to 28th Street South (south segment). 

Study Vision Statement: 

“Develop a Capital Improvement Plan that provides for the conversion of Broadway Avenue to a Complete Street and provides for the timely and cost-effective investment of limited funds for the near and long term.”


  • Develop guidelines to improve the safety and mobility of all modes of transportation in a 50-year Capital Improvement Plan
  • Promote a welcoming, inviting corridor to support economic vitality and a sense of place
  • Plan for sustainable infrastructure
  • Provide for timely and cost-effective investment of limited funds for the near and long term
  • Consider long-range land-use planning
  • Investment Strategies for a Better Street System

Press Release (8/8/16) Committee of the Whole Presentation (8/8/2016)

Northern Rochester Transportation Study

The City of Rochester and MnDOT are working on a "unified transportation improvement plan" to better serve the transportation needs of northern Rochester as the area continues to develop. The area considered in this study is generally defined by 55th St NW to 75th St NW and 18th Ave NW to 50th Ave NW. 

Click here for all Northern Rochester Transportation Study documents and information on completed projects.
Note: This is a large file and may take additional time to download. Some pages with design plans are significantly wider than a standard page, thus you may need to zoom and scroll to readjust your viewing window.

Shoppes on Maine Area Streets Study - J7301

At the May 18, 2015 Council Meeting the City Council directed the Public Works staff to conduct a feasibility / design study of the existing streets within the Shoppes on Maine area and provide reconstruction and rehabilitation alternatives. Public Works has hired Short Elliott Hendrickson, Inc., to conduct a thorough engineering analysis and review. The S.E.H., Inc. consultant team has analyzed the traffic, geotechnical, and hydrologic facets of the public infrastructure construction.

The final report is: Shoppes on Maine Feasibility Report

A presentation to the City Council of the report findings, conclusions, and recommendations was conducted on Monday, January 11, 2016, 3:30 p.m., City Hall, Conf Rm 104.

Questions can be addressed to Public Works. (507) 328-2400.

Street Reconstruction and Pedestrian Facilities Projects

Broadway Avenue North Reconstruction Project (Civic Center Drive to 13th Street North) - J7318

The City of Rochester is kicking off the planning process for a 2019 reconstruction of Broadway Avenue (from Civic Center Drive to 13th Street North). This project is intended to begin the transformation of the Broadway Avenue corridor into a significant multi-modal gateway to downtown Rochester and the Destination Medical Center (DMC) Development District. The Broadway Avenue Corridor Study, completed in 2015, set the stage for future improvements that this planning process and final design will build upon.

For project updates, please visit the project website.

East Center Street and 11th Avenue NE/SE Mini-Roundabout - J6063

The aging traffic signal located at the intersection of East Center Street and 11th Avenue NE/SE is nearing the end of its useful life and needs to be replaced. A mini-roundabout will be installed in 2021.

Sanitary Sewer Studies & Projects

Northwest Territory Sanitary Sewer Study

 A study to develop a cost-effective implementation strategy for future sanitary sewer service to the 7309 acre Northwest Territory (NWT) study area of Rochester. The study considers near-term, mid-term, and long term sewer service needs, construction alternatives, and funding strategies. The NWT is generally bounded by 65th Street NW on the south, 100th Street NW on the north, 18th Avenue on the east, and 75th Avenue NW on the west (refer to figure ES-1 of Executive Summary). The study analysis, findings, conclusions and recommendations were presented to the Rochester City Council at the May 12, 2014 Committee of the Whole meeting.


Sanitary Sewer Modeling and Analysis - J4332

Flood Control Maintenance

Sediment Removal for Silver Lake and Zumbro River - J4889

As part of the City’s ongoing flood control maintenance, Silver Lake and Zumbro River upstream to Bear Creek needs to be dredged of sediment to maintain the appropriate flow channels and prevent the loss of flood storage.  

As a part of preparing for the project, community members are encouraged to attend an Open House on March 27, 2019 from 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. at Silver Lake Station (702 W Silver Lake Drive NE). The Open House will provide an opportunity to learn more about the project and provide feedback to the project team. Click here for the full news release.

Environmental Assessments

Alternative Urban Areawide Review (A.U.A.R) 

An AUAR is a type of environmental assessment used to assess potential cumulative environmental impacts from future urban development over a broad geographic area. The more traditional Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW) method focuses on smaller-scale, project-specific assessments. The AUAR process includes the preparation of a “Mitigation Plan” that identifies methods to avoid, minimize, or mitigate identified environmental impacts as future development takes place. 

Rochester completed its first AUAR in 2002 as part of the Marion Road Trunk Sanitary Sewer Project.  The AUAR was updated in 2009 and 2015.

Marion Road Trunk Sanitary Sewer Project - AUAR Documents

 AUAR Update #2 Complete & Approved by Council (August 2015)
AUAR Update #2 Notice Letter (April 2015)
AUAR Update #2 (December 2014)
Final AUAR Update #1 (Modified September, 2009) Main Document & Appendix
Final AUAR Update #1 ( April, 2009)
Environmental Stewardship Opportunities (2002)
Final AUAR Mitigation Plan (2002)
Draft AUAR Mitigation Plan (2002)
Sewer Service District 16 AUAR Fact Sheet (2002)