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Excavation Permits

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Excavation Permits are required whenever an excavation or underground work is planned within the city’s right of way (sidewalks, boulevards, and roadways). 

Rochester Code of Ordinances 9-2 states, in part:

An excavation permit is required by any person wishing to excavate that part of the public right-of-way described in such permit and to hinder free and open passage over the specified portion of the public right-of-way by placing facilities described therein, to the extent and for the duration specified therein.

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Excavation Permit Forms

Prior to obtaining a permit the proposed work must be reviewed and approved. Use the permit applications below to begin the process.

Right-of-way permit forms for service connections, sidewalks, and small diameter utility work:

Contractors can call, fax, or email requests for excavation permits.

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Service Connections (water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer)

  • City License is required. Please contact the City Clerk's office for requirements
  • Service connection work requires a plan submitted for review with permit application
  • Public Works specifications for connections: Service Connection Specifications C150
  • Inspection times: 8:00a - 3:30p
  • Polyethylene Water Service Line Installation

    • PE Water Service Form
    • Required if you plan to use PE water service
    • Water service must be 100+ linear foot from curb box to the house/building
    • Form must be filled out and signed by RPU Water 507-280-1500 and submitted for review with permit application.

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Sidewalks (sidewalks, driveway approaches, pedestrian ramps, boulevard regrading)

  • City License is required. Please contact the City Clerk's office for requirements.
  • Driveway approaches can not be over 32' for commercial or residential unless approved by the City Council.
  • Driveway approach can only be as wide as the garage.
  • Changes to a current driveway approach must have a drawing submitted for review with permit application.
  • Public Works specifications for sidewalks: Sidewalk Specifications C700.
  • Inspection times: 8a - 3p

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Small Diameter Utility (cable, phone, electrical, fiber optics, gas service)

  • All small diameter utility permits require a plan on aerial imagery submitted for review with permit application.
  • When utility work is planned that includes aerial placement such as cable, wire or equipment (not underground), the proposed work must be reviewed and approved prior to obtaining a permit.
  • Click here for Right of Way Permit General Conditions

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