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Obstruction Permit

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Obstruction Permits are required whenever an object or equipment is placed within the city’s right of way (streets, sidewalks, alleys and other right of way).  

View City of Rochester Chapter 25 regarding permit requirements which states in part:

An obstruction permit is required by any person wishing to hinder free and open passage over the specified portion of public right-of-way for a period of 365 days or less by placing equipment described therein on the public right-of-way, to the extent and for the duration specified therein.

View City of Rochester Chapter 134 regarding parking regulations

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Permit Forms

Prior to obtaining a permit the proposed work must be reviewed and approved. Use permit applications below to begin the process.

Contractors/Homeowners can call, fax or email requests for obstruction permits.

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Information Required to Issue a Permit

  • Contractors name or resident
  • Phone number
  • Fax number or email address to send completed permit
  • Address or location of work (lot, block, subdivision name)
  • Meter numbers requested (located on the actual meter pole)
  • Duration of permit
  • “License plate of vehicle/ trailer” or “make, model & color”
  • Road closures require a MUTCD Traffic Control Layout approved by Traffic Engineer
  • Make sure abutting property owners of metered locations have been notified that their meters will be out for duration of time.
  • If Traffic control signage is required identify what local contractor will be completing the signage:    
    • Warning Lites of MN: 507-282-1105
    • Safety Signs Inc: 507-254-9720

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General Obstruction Permit information

  • Obstruction permits are NOT to be used to allow parking in “No Parking Zones”
  • Dumpster/trailer/moving trailer in residential neighborhoods:
    • If dumpster/trailer fits in driveway and does not obstruct sidewalk we would prefer dumpster/trailer to be in the driveway. No permit is required if dumpster is in driveway.
    • If dumpster/trailer is to be located at a T intersection we do not allow dumpster/trailer at that T, dumpster/trailer needs to go either direction to avoid the T Intersection if that impacts a neighboring taxpayer that taxpayer must approve.
    • Dumpster/trailer cannot be obstructing a neighboring taxpayer driveway or yard unless homeowner has spoken to neighbor and received approval.
    • Confirm there are no hydrants, mailboxes, or driveways being blocked by location of dumpster/trailer.
  • Traffic Engineer must approve permit if there is a street closure or traffic detour; a MUTCD (Minnesota Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) traffic control plan must be submitted for any road closure and reviewed by Traffic Engineer for approval.
  • If a work vehicle has a contractor’s logo on it, the company does not need an obstruction permit when working in RESIDENTIAL area only. (See City Ordinance 138A.06 Subd. 2.)
  • All activities in town such as road races, Peace Plaza events, festivals, require an activities permit issued by the City Clerk’s Office. If this activity involves meters or road closures, they are also required to pull an Obstruction Permit, but will not be granted this permit until the Activities Permit is reviewed by the Activities Board and approved.
  • If an event requires electricity from our Third Street Ramp, there will be a $250 per event charge that will be collected by the parking vendor, Lanier Parking.

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Obstruction Permits Involving Meters

Please view City of Rochester Chapter 134 regarding parking regulations related to obstruction of meters and parking spaces.

Obstruction permits that have meters that need to be bagged for the next day must be emailed through permits program no later than 2:00 pm so our Meter Parking Technician has time to get them bagged for the following day. There is a 12-hour advanced posting requirement.

Meter Bag Ordinance 134.35 (Ordinance No. 4092 adopted 11/06/12)

The following activities are exempt from charges:

  • City construction projects
  • Parades
  • City sponsored events
  • Non-profit organization-sponsored events
    • All non-profit organizations must be able to show proof that they are indeed a non-profit organization. A written contract or other written statement as to the official status of the non-profit organization would be appropriate.
  • Security/emergency dignitaries
  • Events involving dignitaries (with RPD)

Permitted Meter Bags Uses (Approved by Council 08/18/2003)

  • Safety clearance zones
  • Traffic visibility zones
  • Tool and material trucks
  • Dumpsters
  • Construction trailers
  • One foreman or employee vehicle (not a personal vehicle)
  • Parades and charitable events

The cost of bagging a meter is $6 per day Monday through Friday, excluding holidays (see Ordinance 134.34 Sudb.3). 10-hour metered areas are only charged $3 per day Monday through Friday, excluding holidays (see Ordinance 134.34 Sudb.3) If request will only be on a Saturday or Sunday, there is a onetime charge of $3 per meter for that weekend. 

No credit is given for rain days when a meter is bagged.

Metered Parking Maps

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