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Sanitary Sewer - Manhole Adjustment

Sanitary Sewer Maintenance

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Maintenance of the sanitary sewer collection system is provided crews from the Infrastructure Maintenance Division and the Water Reclamation Plant. Maintenance is performed to provide free-flow of the wastewater through the system and to prevent blockages that can cause back-ups  and sanitary sewer overflows. These back ups and overflows can be a health risk, in addition to being an inconvenience to the business/home-owner. 

24-hour emergency call number for storm and sanitary sewer back-ups or overflows: 507-328-2640

Maintenance Activities

  • Pipe and structure inspections
  • System flushing
  • Mechanical and chemical root control
  • Pipe rodding for removal of roots, grease and debris build up
  • Piping lining to improve structural integrity and reduce clear water infiltration

Common Causes for Flow Blockages

  • Flushed Items That Do Not Belong in the Sewer System
  • Fats, Oils, or Grease Buildup
  • Roots
  • Collapsed or Damaged Pipes

Recommendations for Residents

  • Never pour grease down sink drains, floor drains, or into toilets
  • Scrape grease and food scraps into a can or the trash for disposal
  • Use a strainer in the sink to collect excess food scraps
  • Do not rely on a garbage disposals to get rid of grease; they are not trash cans!
  • Do not flushed Items that Do Not Belong in the Sewer System down toilets.  This includes products labeled as "Flushable Wipes"
  • Have your service lateral inspected by a licensed professional on a regular basis
  • Click here for more information about sanitary sewers and water reclamation

Septic System Agreement Requests

Click here for more information about septic system agreement requests.

History of Sanitary Sewer Repair and Replacements (from Main to House)

Property owners are responsible for the maintenance of the sanitary sewer service from their property to where it connects with the sanitary sewer main. Sanitary sewer main is typically located in the middle of the street. This work requires a connection permit. Click the following link for a Summary of Public Works Sewer Service Connection Permits Issued for Repair and Replacement from Main to House (1/2009 - 5/2019).