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Rochester receives an average of 31 inches of rain and 44 inches of snow each year. Rain and snowmelt that falls on buildings, streets, parking lots, and other impervious surfaces cannot soak into the ground. Instead, this stormwater will run off the landscape into area waterways.
Stormwater runoff does not go to the Water Reclamation Plant for treatment - rather, it runs to our rivers, lakes and streams, often without treatment. As stormwater moves across the landscape, it collects dirt, debris, and chemicals. This pollution is carried through storm sewers and ditches to our waterways. Untreated stormwater can be harmful to people and aquatic plants and animals. Your actions on the land have a great impact on the quality of our surface waters. Clean streets means clean streams!
As our community grows, so must or commitment to protecting and improving the quality of our water resources. Our lakes, rivers, and wetlands help make Rochester one of the nations' most livable communities. Keeping our water resources clean and usable is in everyone's interest.


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