Food Establishments

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Believe it or not, restaurants can be a potential hot spots for stormwater pollution. Fats, oils, and greases (F.O.G.) that are improperly disposed of by pouring down the sink or storm drain can clog sewer lines and cause backups in the system. Garbage and food waste improperly contained outside of the building can lead to polluted stormwater runoff.

 Follow these tips to prevent your food establishment from contributing to the problem:

  • Poor wash water into down the sink. Don't pour it onto a sidewalk, parking lot, or into a storm drain. Water discarded down the sink will be sent to the Water Reclamation Plant for treatment.
  • Sweep materials up or absorb them using cat litter, which can then be swept up, rather than hosing them down the drain.
  • Keep dumpster areas clean and close the lid to prevent trash from becoming litter. Do not fill the receptacle with liquid waste or hose it out since liquid will mobilize potential pollutants within the bin.
  • Wash floor mats, garbage cans, and other large items inside over a floor drain or large sink.
  • Recycle grease and oil. Pouring it down the sink, into the street, or down a storm drain can clog sewer lines and cause backups.
  • Clean up litter and any food waste from areas around the outside of the building and parking lot.

Learn more about FOG from the Rochester Water Reclamation Plant.