Fueling Stations

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Fueling stations and the activities that happen on their premises have the potential to pollute stormwater with gasoline, oil, automotive fluids, litter, and food waste. Stormwater runoff can easily carry these pollutants and carry them to area surface waters. Using Best Management Practices (BMPs) onsite can help gas stations prevent pollution of area surface waters.

Consider implementing the following practices to "Keep it Clean" at your station:

  • Ensure the roof covers fuel dispensing areas and waste receptacles. 
  • Direct downspouts away from the fueling area.
  • Have spill kits located in easily accessible areas.
  • Provide trash receptacles in easy to access areas.
  • Adjust sprinklers so they do not direct water onto the pavement.
  • Apply fertilizers or herbicides according to instructions and avoid applying before a rainfall.
  • Never wash down the fueling area with water unless you are able to collect and properly dispose of the waste water. Sweep areas instead.