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Storm Drain Marking
Pervious Pavers Patio
A Litter Bit Better (Cub Scout Pack 99)
Native plants in an infiltration trench
Pervious Pavers Parking Lot

Clean Water Actions for Businesses

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Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteer opportunities range from activities that can be completed in one day or extended to a year-round commitment. Some activities take place at your business, while others are held throughout the Rochester community.

A Litter Bit Better

One week every April, thousands of volunteers work together across Rochester to scour ditches, parks, waterways and boulevards to pick up tons of trash! Check out the event website to learn how you can help make Rochester A Litter Bit Better! this year.

2018 A Litter Bit Better Event Summary

Frequently Asked Questions for A Litter Bit Better

Storm Drain Marking (web page under construction: email Stephanie with inquiries)

You can help prevent illicit discharges to the storm sewer by volunteering to mark storm drains. Rochester Stormwater Management will provide volunteers with a map of storm drains in the chosen neighborhood, plastic "Only Rain Down the Storm Drain" decals, tubes of adhesive and safety gear (vests and cones).

Pollution Prevention

Stormwater pollution takes many forms and is one of the major threats to water quality in the United States.  We all have the opportunity to make minor behavior changes that will result in less pollution of our valuable water resources.

Lawn & Garden Care

Landscaping for Clean Water is part of the solution to water pollution because it mimics nature.  In natural landscapes, rain tends to soak into the ground gradually rather than becoming polluted runoff that travels over impervious surfaces on it's way to surface waters.

Illicit Discharge

Anything that goes into the storm sewer system that is not storm water is considered an illicit discharge.