Illicit Discharges

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What is an illicit discharge?
Anything that goes into the storm sewer system that is not storm water is considered an illicit discharge. This includes but is not limited to

  • Paint
  • Grass clippings and leaves
  • Pet waste
  • Motor oils
  • Lawn chemicals
  • Sidewalk deicers
  • Runoff from washing a car at home

When pollutants like these enter storm drains, they are carried through ditches and storm sewers into our streams and rivers where they can harm aquatic life. In addition, these contaminants can soak into our groundwater - the source of our drinking water. Eliminating illicit discharges protects the water we drink.

What if I see storm drain dumping or unusual discharges near an outfall?

  • Weekdays between 8am-5pm please call the Storm Water Customer Service Line: 328-2440
  • Evenings or weekends, please call the Non-Emergency Police Dispatch: 328-6800

For your safety, view discharges from afar.  Note the condition of the substance, where and when the discharge occurred (including the closest street address), and make your report as soon as you can.  The sooner we learn about these incidents, the better our chance of finding the source and correcting the problem!