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Stormwater Utility Fee

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Have a question about the Stormwater Utility Fee? 

Find answers below or contact Rochester Public Utilities (RPU) at 507-280-1500 

What is the Stormwater Utility Fee?

This utility fee collects funds from every developed property parcel in the City of Rochester to support the stormwater management program.  This program is committed to protecting and improving the quality of our water resources in Rochester and its watersheds.

When did this fee take effect?

The Rochester City Council adopted a Stormwater Utility Fee on October 6, 2003 that went into effect in the January 2004.

Rochester Code of Ordinances 12-7

How is the amount of the fee determined?

Every developed residential and non-residential property parcel is charged a fee based on its size, land use and amount of impervious (or hard surface) area. This is an equitable approach because the charges are proportional to a property’s contribution to storm water runoff and impact on water quality. Below is the most recent rate plan information.

In 2016, a rate increase plan and notice was approved: 

2016 Notice of Rate Increase

2015/2016 Stormwater Utility Resolution

In 2015, a rate study was conducted and a report was made available:

2015 Stormwater Study

How does the City of Rochester collect this fee?

This fee appears as a monthly charge on Rochester Public Utility (RPU) bills. If you have a question about your stormwater utility fee on your utility bill, RPU will be able to assist you.


What is the Stormwater Utility Fee Credit program? 

The baseline Stormwater Utility Fee (fee) does not take into account the value provided by some property owners that independently implement and maintain Best Management Practices (BMPs) that offset, to some extent, the impacts of their developed property on the natural and constructed components of the City’s stormwater management system. Using a Fee Credit process, the City may make an adjustment to the baseline fee for any non-residential customer that provides value-added stormwater management services that support and complement the City’s stormwater management goals.

Stormwater Utility Fee Credit and Incentives Manual (updated 2016)

Residents don’t qualify for Fee Credit because the residential fee equates to the base fee every parcel of property must pay to support the community wide requirements of the stormwater permit and the benefits of stormwater management. Therefore, the Stormwater Utility Ordinance does not allow a reduction below the amount of the residential fee for any parcel. However, the Stormwater Utility Ordinance does include provisions for the City Council to adopt incentive programs for residential customers who implement best management practices that help the City’s meet its stormwater management objectives.

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